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3. Birth of the Ghost & The Funeral (2:00)
The scene picks up after Benjamin has taken out his anger on the last British soldier that he chased into the nearby creek. He has wiped out the patrol that was taking Gabriel to Camden to be hanged.

Screenshot #6:
Scene 3 - Pic 6

Gabriel watches his father break down and cry over Thomas' body. It is at this moment that he begins to feel responsible for Thomas' death, since Thomas died trying to save him. Gabriel feels responsible since he first joined the war against his father's wishes. Later, when he is dying his father's arms, he apologizes for this moment.

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Screenshot #7:
Scene 3 - Pic 7

The closeup of Gabriel transitions to Thomas' funeral. The funeral consists of a prayer by Benjamin Martin to God over Thomas' death and his own sins.

This scene brings so much more closure to Thomas' death and some insight into Benjamin and Gabriel's actions later in the movie. It's beyond understanding how the decision was made to leave this scene out of the theatrical cut of the film and just leave Thomas lying in the dust outside the Martin home.

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