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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

3. Birth of the Ghost & The Funeral (2:00)
The scene picks up after Benjamin has taken out his anger on the last British soldier that he chased into the nearby creek. He has wiped out the patrol that was taking Gabriel to Camden to be hanged.

Screenshot #4:
Scene 3 - Pic 4

Margaret begins to move away from the steps toward her father who has been walking toward the house. He stops before Thomas' body. Margaret now stops as well, as the children all look on.

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Screenshot #5:
Scene 3 - Pic 5

Susan watches her father bend down over Thomas' body and cradle him. She looks strangely distant from the whole scene. She has not even moved since her father and brother's return. Perhaps, here is where she first gets angry at her father for leaving them behind.

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