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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

5. The Heart of a Villain (2:25)
The scene extends the scene where Charlotte and the children's arrive at the slave colony. It picks up after the children surround and hug Abigale. It then shifts to a scene between Colonel Tavington and Rollins, a captured member of Benjamin Martin's militia.

Screenshot #10:
Scene 5 - Pic 10

Colonel Tavington offers to not only return the money to Rollins but even triple it in exchange for information about the plans of Benjamin Martin or the whereabouts of his family.

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Screenshot #11:
Scene 5 - Pic 11

Rollins smiles in response to Colonel Tavington's offer, appearing to be receptive to it. Tavington and Captain Bordon both also begin to smile in reaction to Rollins apparently positive response to the offer.

Screenshot #12:
Scene 5 - Pic 12

Instead of accepting Colonel Tavington's offer, Rollins has refused it, spitting into Tavington's face and challenging him to "do his worst." Captain Bordon had then forced Rollins down with his head pressed against the table. Tavington now leers over Rollins, whose head has been pressed into the table. Tavington respondes that he always does.

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