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5. The Heart of a Villain (2:25)
The scene extends the scene where Charlotte and the children's arrive at the slave colony. It picks up after the children surround and hug Abigale. It then shifts to a scene between Colonel Tavington and Rollins, a captured member of Benjamin Martin's militia.

Screenshot #4:
Scene 5 - Pic 4

This is a continuation of the Martin family's arrival at the Gullah Camp where Abigale has stayed since Colonel Tavington sent Benjamin's employees away. Here, Abigale is showing Charlotte the empty shack that the family will stay in. There is a bit of tension here, because of Charlotte's wealthy background. Will she be able to accept the meager shack?

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Screenshot #5:
Scene 5 - Pic 5

Colonel Tavington is unhappy because his second-in-command Captain Bordon has just reported to him that the captured militia man died without revealing any information on Benjamin Martin or his family's whereabouts.

Screenshot #6:
Scene 5 - Pic 6

Colonel Tavington coldly dumps the body onto the floor with an audible thud after ordering Captain Bordon to bring in the other captured militia fighter and try to get information from him.

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