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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

5. The Heart of a Villain (2:25)
The scene extends the scene where Charlotte and the children's arrive at the slave colony. It picks up after the children surround and hug Abigale. It then shifts to a scene between Colonel Tavington and Rollins, a captured member of Benjamin Martin's militia.

Screenshot #7:
Scene 5 - Pic 7

Captain Bordon throws onto the table a pouch that was found on the person of Patriot militia man, Rollins. A large number of coins spills out, much more than a man like Rollins would be expected to have.

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Screenshot #8:
Scene 5 - Pic 8

Colonel Tavington looks at Rollins (shown from the behind his left shoulder out of focus to the right) with contempt as Captain Bordon calls Rollins not only a traitor, but also a thief, while the Loyalist Captain Wilkins can be seen in the background looking on.

Screenshot #9:
Scene 5 - Pic 9

Rollins looks at Colonel Tavington with a look of apprehension and fear, wondering what Tavington has in mind for his "traitorous and thieving" self.

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