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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

Act 1:
On Colonial One, Roslin speaks to Cain and Adama about the leadership of the fleet failing to set an example. Cain interrupts and says that two of Adam's men murdered one of her officers while "protecting a Cylon." She says that they admitted to crime and that she has the authority to "try, convict and sentence them," which means a penalty of death. Roslin says the spirit of the law doesn't call for that. Cain is incredulous over Roslin's comment concerning the finer points of law. Cain says they are at war. Roslin says that they each have a battlestar and that Pegasus would likely prevail in any fight. Adama curtly disagrees. Roslin says that any confrontation would lead to severe casualties and damage, so the only two options are to fight it out or compromise. Cain wants the Cylon ship and agrees to cooperate with Galactica on a joint mission to take it out. She agrees to suspend the executions until after the mission. Adama wants Tyrol and Helo back on Galactica as well, but Cain won't have it. Roslin says that the destruction of the Cylon fleet is the priority. Once that is dealt with, they will meet again to resolve "this issue." Cain leaves.

On the Pegasus, Kara reports to Cain. Cain promotes her to Captain and makes her Pegasus CAG. Starbuck is surprised at her promotion. She says that she needs a CAG with "guts and initiative" to plan the attack on the Cylon fleet. Captain Taylor was demoted because he let Apollo contact Starbuck "right under his nose." Starbuck asks about Apollo. Cain says that she can't charge Apollo if she's not charging Starbuck, so she revokes his flight status. Starbuck says that she wants him "on her team." Cain agrees to it. Cain then says that she has heard about Starbuck's desire to return to Caprica to rescue those still alive there. Cain offers that her goal is to return to the Twelve Colonies and drive the Cylons out. Starbuck loves that idea.

On Colonial One, Roslin says that it can only end one way: they "have got to kill her." Adama doesn't agree. Roslin says that Cain will wait until the first opportunity comes along for her to remove him. Roslin proposes that he has to "hit her before she hits" him. He says that he's not an assassin. She agrees and says that he is a Colonial officer that has taken an oath to "protect this fleet." She then asks him what he thinks Cain will do with the civilian fleet once she eliminates Adama. She says that Adama knows she's right. He gets up and asks "has the whole world gone mad?"

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