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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

The fighters from both ships close in on one another.

Kara closes in on the Cylon fleet with the Blackbird. She starts taking recon photos of the unknown ship. She actually drifts inside the ship's parameter and then jumps away.

Back at the standoff, Kat is ordered to not fire unless fired upon. The Pegasus fighters are given the same order.

On the Pegasus Raptor, Captain Taylor is ordered to relieve Captain Apollo. He is allowed to go aft.

Kate and a Pegasus pilot nearly collide in a standoff.

Apollo sends Starbuck a text message from the Raptor.

Starbuck closes in on the fleet and sees the fighter dance. She receives Apollo's message and asks what is going on.

Pegasus picks up Starbuck as an unknown ship. The two fighter squadrons form up together to face the unknown threat.

Starbuck says she's a friendly.

Adama talks to Cain.

The recon photos are sent to Cain and she is in awe of how close Starbuck got. She gets back on the wireless and agrees to stand out. She then wants a meeting and he will only agree on neutral ground. They agree to meet with no aids on Colonial One. Cain zooms in on the recon video of the unknown Cylon ship and spots Six copies.

Act 1:
On Colonial One, Roslin lectures about the leadership dividing amongst themselves. Cain interrupts and says that the two men committed murder. Roslin says that she can't order executions without a trial. Cain says they are at war. Roslin says that a confrontation will lead to severe casualties. Cain wants the Cylon ship and agrees to cooperate on a mission to take it out. Adama doesn't say anything.

Kara reports to Cain. Cain promotes her to Captain and makes her Pegasus CAG. Taylor was demoted because he let Apollo contact Starbuck. She can't charge Apollo if she's not charging Starbuck, so she revokes his flight status. Cain then proposes to take out the unknown ship and Starbuck agrees.

On Colonial One, Roslin says that they have to remove Cain. Adama doesn't agree. Roslin says that after Cain eliminates Adama and the Galactica, she'll pick through the civilian fleet and get rid of them as well. She says that Adama knows she's right. He gets up and says "the world has gone mad."

Act 2:
On Galactica, Doc Cottle says that Sharon 's baby will be okay and Sharon has a cracked rib. She scoffs at them referring to it as an "attack." She asks about Tyrol and Helo and Adama says that he won't let them be executed. He then apologizes for what happened to her. He asks that she be taken care of and then returned to her cell.

In the Pegasus brig, Lee pays Tyrol and Helo a visit. He says that the execution is on hold and that they almost fought with the Pegasus over them. Tyrol points out that he thought that the Cylons were the enemy.

Gaius and his inner Six are back in his head in his house. She's on the bed under the covers and he's sitting in the chair. He says that he's no longer interested in "this place." She says that she misses sports. She says that she would get two tickets even though she knew that Baltar would never go to the pyramid game. She says that she liked to feel that he was with her

Baltar joins Cain in the Pegasus cell where Gina is kept. Cain derides Gina and then asks Baltar to get her to give information on the unknown ship. Cain walks over and gives Gina a kick. Baltar tells her that abuse will not help with getting any answers. Cain leaves. After the door closes, Gina jumps Baltar and chokes him. He stops resisting and she move away from him. She then asks him to help her die.

In the hangar bay, Laird gives a weak report to Adama about the flight deck status. Adama calls Cally over who says that Laird is a civilian and that rumor is that Pegasus used to have a civilian fleet.

Tigh and Fisk share a drink. Fisk says that they found some civilian ships about a week after the attack. The civilian ships were good ships, so Cain ordered the ships striped for parts including jump drives, which marooned them. Cain also took the "valuable" civilians. The civilians on the Scylla , which was Laird's ship, refused to go, so Cain ordered the families of those who refused to go to be shot. Fisk admits that they killed two families.

Act 3:
On Pegasus, Lee walks in on Starbuck. He makes a snide comment about being demoted and working for one of "his pilots." She says that she had nothing to do with it. Lee says that he just went to see Tyrol and Helo. Starbuck asks him for help with planning the op. Lee is surprised that she wants to carry on. Starbuck says that Cain is in command.

In Gina's cell on Pegasus, Baltar offers her some clothes. He turns around so she can change and he notices the scars on her back. He asks her if she was a sleeper agent. She says that she was a soldier and expected to be killed and then reborn. Instead, she was abused. Baltar apologizes and says that she will be reborn, but Gina makes a comment about the recon photos.

Baltar explains to Cain and Starbuck that the unknown ship is a resurrection ship for rebirth of Cylons. Cain and Starbuck realize that if they destroy the Resurrection Shp, the Cylons may think twice about attacking them.

On Colonial One, Roslin is lying down and not feeling well. Adama tells her that she was right. Pegasus had fifteen civilian ships that were stripped for parts and left behind. She says that as long as Cain lives, Adama's survival is at risk. She then starts coughs. She jokes that she could use a new body, perhaps one of the Cylon bodies from the Resurrection Ship. They share a "moment" and then Adama begins to leave. Roslin says that Cain will have no hesitation about killing him, so he can't let her do so.

Act 4:
In their cell on Pegasus, Tyrol says that when he goes back, he's done with Sharon . Helo points out that he's in love with a woman that isn't a woman and a baby that is maybe "half-machine." He can't let go, but Tyrol can.

In his quarters on Galactica, Adama pauses to think.

In her quarters on Pegasus, Cain stops to think as she sees something in the Galactica Watch Logs.

Lee and Starbuck brief Cain, Adama, Fisk and Tigh on their plan to decoy the Cylons into an attack. Their plan is to lure the Raiders away using some apparently disabled civilian ships, while Galactica and Pegasus take on the basestars. Lee will pilot the Blackbird to take out the Resurrection Ship's FTL drive. Adama says he needs to ask Starbuck some questions about the plan.

On her Raptor flight back to Pegasus, Cain orders Fisk to handpick a detachment of Marines to go to Galactica.

Adama says he needs to ask Starbuck to do something.

Cain wants Fisk to go to Galactica and stay by Adama in CIC.

Adama wants Starbuck to go to Pegasus CIC after the attack.

Cain tells Fisk that when she sends the message during the celebration after the attack, Fisk is to signal the Marines to take out Adama.

Adama says that when he sends her the signal on the wireless, Starbuck is to shoot Admiral Cain in the head.

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