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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

Act 4:
In their cell on Pegasus, Tyrol says that when he goes back, he's done with Sharon . He thought he was done before, but this time he really is done. Helo points out that he's in love with a woman that isn't a woman and is having a baby that is maybe "half-machine." He can't let go, but Tyrol can.

In his quarters on Galactica, Adama struggles with something on his mind as he attempts to read a report.

In her quarters on Pegasus, Cain struggles with something on her mind as she attempts to read the Galactica Watch Logs.

Lee and Starbuck brief Cain, Adama, Fisk and Tigh on their plan. The objective is to destroy the Cylon ship known as the Resurrection Ship by the Cylons. They will set up in a system and pretend to be conducting mining operations. When the Cylons arrive, most of the fleet and the Galactica will jump away. A few ships will remain behind, appearing to have problems with their FTL drives. The Cylon Raiders will be drawn away from the basestars by the ships trying to escape at sub-light speeds. Once the Raiders are far enough away, the Galactica and Pegasus will jump in and take on the basestars. Lee will pilot the Blackbird to take out the Resurrection Ship's FTL drive to prevent the Resurrection Ship from escaping. Tigh asks why they don't just use the Stealth ship to deliver nukes. Starbuck says that simulations indicated that the Cylons would detect and destroy the nukes. Once the Resurrection Ship's FTL drive is disabled, all of Pegasus and Galactica's attack squadrons will take on the Resurrection Ship. Adama says that he needs time to study the operational details. Cain is satisfied with the plan.Adama says he needs to ask Starbuck some questions about the plan. Cain gives her an hour. Commander Adama then just tells Lee to "stay focused."

On her Raptor flight back to Pegasus, Cain orders Fisk to handpick a detachment of loyal Marines to go to Galactica.

Adama says he needs to ask Starbuck to do something that she won't like.

Cain is going to transfer Fisk to Galactica. She knows that Adama will resent it and try to keep Fisk out of the decision-making because he'll be considered a spy. He is to stay in CIC with Adama throughout the attack.

Adama wants Starbuck to immediately land her bird and go to CIC after the attack. He wants her to take Lee with her to watch her back.

Cain tells Fisk to station the Marines outside of CIC. During the celebration after the attack, she will call Fisk on the wireless. When he hears her say, "Execute Case Orange," Fisk is to signal the Marines to take out Adama's command.

Adama says that he will call her on the wireless and say "downfall," which will be her signal to shoot Admiral Cain in the head.

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