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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

The fighters from both ships close in on one another. Kat leads Galactica's Vipers.

Kat requests instructions concerning the Pegasus Vipers. Colonel Tigh argues that they should be able to defend themselves. He also wants them to turn Galactica's main batteries toward Pegasus.

(Caption: Cylon Fleet; Recon Mission) Kara closes in on the Cylon fleet with the Blackbird. She turns off the ship's lighting and engines. She drifts inside the unknown ship's parameter and takes a number of recon photos. After making her pass, she turns the engines back on and then jumps away.

Back at the standoff between Galactica and Pegasus, Kat asks for help, but Kat is ordered to not fire unless fired upon.

Kat and Hot Dog both report that the Pegasus Vipers are toying with them. A Pegasus Viper pilot decides to play chicken with Kat.

On the Pegasus Raptor, Captain Taylor is ordered to relieve Captain Apollo and then return and aid in the "attack mission" on Galactica. Apollo is disarmed and then given permission to go aft.

Kat and the Pegasus pilot nearly collide before they both break off. Kat again requests "weapons free."

Apollo sends Starbuck an encrypted text message from the Pegasus Raptor.

Starbuck jumps in near the fleet and sees the fighter dance. She receives Apollo's message and then asks what is going on.

Galactica picks up Starbuck as an unknown ship. Gaeta decides that it must be a Cylon Raider.

Pegasus makes the same assumption about the Blackbird. Cain recalls her Vipers and orders Pegasus brought about to "engage the enemy."

Kat orders the Galactica fighter to form up on her. The Pegasus pilot makes the same command for his ship's Vipers.

Starbuck sees all the Vipers turn and head for her. She gets on the wireless and says she's a friendly, that they are "all friendlies."

Captain Taylor realizes that it is the "stealth ship." H asks Apollo who was was flying it since it wasn't cleared to launch. Apollo's answer is no answer.

In Galactica CIC, they hear Kat report that it's the Blackbird. Gaeta says that it's Starbuck. She had launched a couple hours before under the guise of running flight tests for Cain. Adama doesn't think that's "likely." Tigh figures that it's another one of Starbuck's stunts, but is happy about it for once. Adama then orders communication with Pegasus.

Cain picks up the wireless. Adama says that they either "stand down or start shooting at each other. Before Cain answers, Fisk calls her attention to a download that they are receiving. Starbuck is sending the recon photos. Cain recognizes the Cylon fleet and asks if the photos are from the recon mission. Fisk tells her that the recon mission was aborted and that the photos are from the Blackbird. Cain is impressed that Starbuck carried out the recon mission alone and is in awe of how close Starbuck got to the unknown Cylon ship. She gets back on the wireless and agrees to stand down. She then wants Adama to report to her. He doesn't want to sit in the brig. She then agrees to meeting on Colonial One with no aides in fifteen minutes.

Adama orders Galactica to stand down to Condition 2.

Cain zooms in on a recon photo of the unknown Cylon ship and spots Six copies.

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