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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

Act 2:
On Galactica, Doctor Cottle says that Sharon's baby will be okay. Sharon has a cracked rib which will be painful, but has no signs of permanent damage from the attack. She scoffs at them referring to it as an "attack." Adama says that they were not from the Galactica. She sees no difference between Galactica and Pegasus. She asks about Tyrol and Helo and Adama says that he won't let them be executed. She asks how he going to prevent it since Cain is in command. Adama then apologizes for what happened to her. He then tells Cottle to make sure that she's okay and then returned to her cell. He then leaves.

In the Pegasus brig, Helo says that they should be dead since the execution was supposed to be in an hour and it had been at least two. Lee pays them a visit. He says that the execution is on hold. He says that Adama and Galactica almost started shooting with the Pegasus over them. Tyrol points out that he thought that the Cylons were the enemy. Lee says "now it's us."

Gaius and his inner Six are back in his head in his house. She's laying n the bed under the covers and he's sitting in the chair. He says that he's no longer interested in "this place" and that he doesn't really miss it anymore. Six says that she misses sports. She says that she would scalp two tickets to the Pyramid game. She liked to feel the energy of the crowd. He asks why she would get two tickets. She says she would get one for him even though she knew it was "too low-brow" to even ask him to go. Nevertheless, she says that she liked to feel that he was with her.

Cain walks in and joins Baltar in the Pegasus cell where Gina is kept. Cain notes that he got "it" to eat. She then derides Gina and then hands Baltar some recon photos of the unknown Cylon ship. She wants him to see if Gina as any information on the ship. Cain walks over and gives Gina a kick. Baltar tells her that abuse will not help with getting any answers. Cain tells him to find out about the ship and then leaves. After the door closes, Gina jumps Baltar and chokes him. He stops resisting and she moves away from him. She then says she wants to die and asks him to kill her.

In the Galactica hangar bay, Laird gives a weak report about the flight status of Vipers for the upcoming operation. Laird then moves off to sort out some disorganized activity on the deck. Adama calls Cally over and asks if Laird is military. She tells him that Laird was an civilian aeronautical engineer onboard the Scylla . She also says that the rumor is that Pegasus used to have a civilian fleet, but it's not known what happened to it.

Tigh and Fisk share a drink. Tigh asks about Laird's ship, the Scylla . Fisk says that it was a civilian transport that they found along with a few civilian ships about a week after the attack. The civilian ships were good ships with FTL drives and some weapons, so Cain decided that military needs to precedence and ordered the ships striped for parts. Tigh asks if they even took the FTL drives. Fisk's silence gives Tigh his answer. He says that they marooned them all. Fisk says that not all were marooned. Cain looked over the civilian passenger lists and decided to take the "valuable" civilians. The sixteen selected civilians on the Scylla , which was Laird's ship, refused to go because they were traveling with their families. Cain ordered the execution of the families of those who refused to come. Fisk admits that they killed two families.

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