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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

Act 3:
On Pegasus, Lee pays Starbuck a visit. She asks how he's doing and he answers with a snide comment about being demoted and working for one of "his pilots." She says that she had nothing to do with it. Lee says that he just went to see Tyrol and Helo. Starbuck asks him for help with planning the op. Lee is surprised that she wants to carry on. Starbuck says that Cain is in command, so there's nothing that they can do.

In Gina's cell on Pegasus, Baltar offers her some new clothes. He steps back and she takes them. He then turns around so she can change. He takes a peek and he notices the scars on her back. He asks her if she was a sleeper agent or if she knew that she was a Cylon. She says that she was a soldier and had a mission that she carried out. After she completed it, she expected to be killed and then downloaded and reborn into a new body. Instead, she was abused. Baltar apologizes and says that things will get better for her. She doesn't want things to get better, but just die. He points out that she can't die and that her consciousness will be transferred to a new body. Gina answers that she won't be reborn if "you" destroy [the ship in the recon photos]. Baltar then asks her what is so important about the ship.

Baltar explains to Cain and Starbuck that the unknown ship is known as a resurrection ship to the Cylons. The fleet is now too far out to download back to the Cylon homeworld. The ship contains the entire mechanism needed for a Cylon consciousness to be downloaded and reborn into a new body. The ship has been with the fleet following Galactica for several months. Starbuck thinks of it as a "safety net" for the Cylons. Cain and Starbuck realize that if they destroy the Resurrection Shp, the Cylons may think twice about attacking them because they would die and not be reborn.

On Colonial One, Roslin is lying down and not feeling well. She explains to Adama that she has good days and bad days. Adama tells her that she was right about Cain. Pegasus had fifteen civilian ships that were stripped for parts, supplies and people and then left them behind. Roslin says that Cain "plays for keeps." Adama wants to know why she's become so "bloody minded." She says that as long as Cain lives, Adama's survival is at risk. She then starts coughing. After a drink of water, Adama asks what he can do. She jokes that she could use a new body, perhaps one of the Cylon bodies from the Resurrection Ship. They share a "moment" and then Adama begins to leave. Roslin says that Cain will have no hesitation about killing him, so he can't let her.

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