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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

  • Scylla was a civilian transport ship that Pegasus came across. Chief Laird was onboard the Scylla along with fifteen other civilians who were selected by Admiral Cain as "valuable" personnel to join the Pegasus crew.
  • The Pegasus found fifteen civilian ships about a week after the Cylon attacks.
  • Admiral Cain decided out of military needs to order the ships stripped for parts, including FTL drives and weapons. The ships and most of the civilians were then marooned.
  • Admiral Cain also selected "valuable" civilians from the passenger lists to be taken along.
  • When some civilians refused to leave their families and go with the Pegasus, Cain ordered their families shot. Two families from the Scylla were shot.

  • Cylons:
  • Both humanoid Cylons in this episode lump the collective humanity of Galactica and Pegasus together.
  • Adama tells Sharon that her attackers were not from the Galactica. She sees no difference between the two crews. In light of her treatment by the crew since her arrival, one can see why. To her, some of the Pegasus crew merely acted on what most of the Galactica crew has contemplated.
  • While recounting to Baltar what happened to her, Gina repeated uses "you" while recounting the abuses. Even with his tender approach to her, she still sees him as one of those who attacked her.
  • The Cylons have built a Resurrection Ship because Galactica has moved too far from the Cylon homeworld for the usual download process. The Resurrection Ship has all the mechanisms for downloading a Cylon consciousness and having it reborn in a new body.

  • Notes:
  • 49,604 survivors
  • Adama's code word for Starbuck is "downfall."
  • Cain's code phrase for Fisk is "execute case orange."

  • Unanswered Questions:
  • What are Adama's motivations for apologizing to Sharon ? Breakdown of command and discipline? Or is it on a more personal level towards her?
  • Is Adama's apology to Sharon after the attack a sign that he is softening towards her?
  • Does Baltar's inner Six or Boomer have knowledge about the Cylon Resurrection ship?
  • Why didn't Baltar's inner Six prevent him from revealing such important information about the Cylons?
  • Are Adama and Roslin beginning to grow fond of one another in spite of their differences?
  • Will Kara follow Adama's order to kill Cain? Cain has given her a bit of a fresh start with the promotions and promise of returning to Caprica.

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