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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 1" (#211):

Episode Analysis:
  • 49,604 survivors is one less survivor than in episode 210. This reflects Lt. Thorne's death that resulted from the attack on Sharon .
  • Cain basically offers Starbuck a new start:
    • Promotes her to Captain
    • Promotes her to Pegasus CAG
    • Agrees to allow Apollo to serve on Starbuck's "team"
    • Proposes that they set out to return to Caprica to drive off the Cylons
  • Meanwhile, Apollo has his flight status revoked and then finds himself serving under one of "his" pilots.
  • Cain continues her aggressive mentality by voicing to Kara her intention to return to the Twelve Colonies and drive the Cylons out. Roslin chose to run out of survival. Adama has gone along with it and even disagreed with Starbuck's arguments for going back at the moment.
  • Both humanoid Cylons in this episode lump the collective humanity of Galactica and Pegasus together:
    • Adama tells Sharon that her attackers were not from the Galactica. She sees no difference between the two crews. In light of her treatment by the crew since her arrival, one can see why. To her, some of the Pegasus crew merely acted on what most of the Galactica crew has contemplated.
    • While recounting to Baltar what happened to her, Gina repeated uses "you" while recounting the abuses. Even with his tender approach to her, she still sees him as one of those who attacked her.
  • Gaius is sending mixed signals to Six. His interest in her appears to be waning since the appearance of Gina. In his vision, he is seated in a chair while she is invitingly lying naked on the bed.
  • Gina wants to commit suicide by having Baltar kill her. Her willingness to die leads her to reveal information about the unknown Cylon ship.
  • The destruction of the Cylon Resurrection Ship will level the playing field. The Cylons will no longer have the safety net of being reborn into a new body available to them.
  • Adama and Roslin have a couple of "moments" where their relationship seems close and even tender. With Cain around as a threat to both of their leadership positions, the animosity over differing points of view is gone between the two of them.
  • Even though they are portrayed as having different styles of command, both Adama and Cain come to the same conclusion about the other. They each choose assassination of the other to be entrusted to a loyal officer in the immediate moments after the assassination.
  • The one difference between the plan is that Cain wants a team of Marines to take out Adama's entire command, while Adama is "satisfied" with simply taking out Cain.

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