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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

Act 1:
Helo and Tyrol are spread-eagled on each bunk bed. One of the Pegasus crewmen has a bar of soap. The two crewmen talk about how Lieutenant Thorne showed them to work over the gut with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel because it doesn't leave a mark. One starts in on Helo. Chief calls him a coward and the other takes the tower and starts in on Tyrol . Colonel Fisk calls out Gage and Vireen. He orders Helo and Tyrol released from their bonds. He dressed the two specialists down about how it appeared that they were assaulting a Chief and Lieutenant. Further, they were treating them like they were Cylons and not the Colonial officers that they are. He says that such an act in a time of war on "this ship carries a penalty that is quite severe." He then dismisses them. He steps into the open cell and dismisses the guards. Helo and Tyrol thank him. He says that he doesn't want their thanks, because he also owes Thorne his life. Helo says that Thorne was trying to rape a prisoner. Fisk considers her a machine and thus unable to be raped. He then secures their cell and leaves.

Cain breaks out some alcohol and asks Kara if she drinks. Kara answers," only to excess." Cain wants to know if she learned that from Tigh. Cain says she's read about Tigh and figures he deserved it. Cain then says that she knows that Kara and Adama are close, that he's a good man and that he's had to make some tough decisions. Starbuck says that he wasn't going to let Tyrol and Helo be executed. Cain then says that she's seen plenty of kids in body bags and floating out "that airlock." She says that one can't let conscience get in the way making the tough decision or there will be more body bags. She tells Kara that she has faith in her for reasons unknown. She tells Kara not to "flinch when the moment comes."

Lee arrives in Commander Adama's quarters on Galactica. He's on a courier run from the Pegasus. Commander Adama smiles and stands up when he see Lee. He makes a comment about Lee "doing courier runs." Lee says he volunteered for it and then says that Kara told him about Adama's order to kill Cain. His father asks if Lee told her to reconsider and he answers that he just want to hear it from his father. Adama says that the decision has been made. Lee comments that assassination is now a solution to differences. Adama says that he'll find someone else to backup Starbuck if Lee is going to have a problem with it. Lee says that it's not about backing up Kara. His father mentions that the President agrees with the plan. Lee is surprised to hear about the President. His father says she's "made of sterner stuff than people give her credit for," and then asks if that's all he has to sign. Lee says it is, takes the papers and begins to leave. His father addresses him as "Lieutenant" and then says that it was good to see him.

Kara walks into the Pegasus pilots' ready room (?). She changes into her flight suit.

Fisk gathers his hand-picked group of Marines in a Pegasus corridor. [Note: the captions showed Fisk giving the Marines a pep talk about being selected for the difficult assignment, but they know what they need to do. In the actual episode audio, all that can be heard is ship-wide announcements.]

Kara stows her uniform, taking note of her new Captain's pin.

Kara walks down a Pegasus corridor. She takes notice of Fisk and his Marines, and then nonchalantly walks past them. He wishes her "good hunting," and she wishes him likewise.

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