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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

Act 2:
On Galactica, Fisk presents his orders to Tigh, as the Marines board behind them. Fisk explains that Cain was concerned about her Marines being under Tigh's command. Tigh shrugs it off and wants Fisk to make sure that his Marines and Galactica 's Marines know what their responsibilities will be in case the Cylons board., so Colonials don't end up shooting at one another. Fisk voices his agreement.

Adama stands in his quarters looking at the scar from the operation that saved his life after Boomer shot him.

Sharon has brought to Adama's quarters. Adama orders the guards to wait outside. He tells her to sit. Sharon looks uncomfortable. He says he wants to know the Cylons hate humanity so much. Sharon dances a bit and Adama wants her to get to the point. Sharon refers to the speech that Adama gave at Galactica 's decommissioning before the Cylon attack. She says that in what seemed to be unprepared remarks, he had said that humanity was flawed and that it had never asked itself if it deserved to survive. She then poses that may be it does not.

The attack is under way with Galactica taking on one of the basestars.

In Galactica CIC, Gaeta reports that the Resurrection Ship is preparing to jump. Tigh and Adama watch the battle on draedis.

The attack continues with the two battestars on either side of one basestar, while the second basestar is further away, but starting to engage Pegasus. The Blackbird can then be seen closing in on the Resurrection Ship all by itself.

Lee talks to himself about not having anyone look out the window [of the Resurrection Ship].

The Blackbird flies inside the perimeter of the Resurrection Ship. Lee successfully takes out the Resurrection Ship's FTL drive. Lee fires a single missile and then bugs out as it impacts the FTL drive.

Lee looks back at the Resurrection Ship. He reports his mission complete. Starbuck can be heard acknowledging and then ordering the fighter squadron to attack.

The Blackbird collides with another ship, takes heavy damage and spins out of control. Lee ejects.

In Galactica CIC, Dee reports an emergency transponder from the Blackbird. Adama orders the search and rescue Raptor to go in in case he had time to eject.

Lieutenant Hoshi announces Pegasus fighter squadrons should ready for attack. Hoshi relays the command to Galactica and then to Starbuck.

Starbuck launches her Viper from Pegasus.

The fighter squadrons move toward the Resurrection Ship as the battlestars and basestars continue to battle.

In the corridor outside Galactica CIC, Colonel Fisk orders his Marines to take their positions at the entrances and then walks into the CIC himself. CIC listens to Viper pilots taking on some Cylon Raiders. Adama gives orders to Gaeta to have some of Galactica 's batteries provide covering fire.

Lee floats in the quiet of space. He notices a hole in his suit just above his left knee. He takes his hand and tries to cover the hole. He checks his oxygen tank and finds it nearly empty.

Both battlestars concentrate their fire on one basestar, which is taking heavy damage. The second, more distant basestar scores some hits on Pegasus.

As the lights flicker in Gina's cell on Pegasus from the hits the battlestar is taking, Baltar's Inner Six says that tens of thousands of Cylons are about to die. She says that "God will not forgive this sin." Baltar asks Gina if God will forgive them. Gina says that "God forgives all." His Inner Six tells him not to listen to Gina. She says that she has much more to offer, that she knows God's plan for him and how he can fulfill his destiny. Baltar then tells Gina his Inner Six's little story about missing sports. Gina finds it "beautiful." His Inner Six begs him to stop, but he even throws in the part about having two tickets, one for him and one for her. His Inner Six disappears. Gina takes his hand.

In Galactica CIC, Dee tries to raise Apollo on the wireless.

Apollo hears Dee on the wireless, but doesn't answer. As Dee continues to try to make contact, Lee takes his hand away from the hole.

Lee's vision of floating in a river is seen as Dee continues to tries to raise him. Lee voices an unheard apology to Kara.

The first basestar is in its final throes, as the two battlestars start to turn their attention to the second basestar. The fighters move away from the battlestars toward the Resurrection Ship.

Lee floats in the river, but now without his sunglasses on. His eyes begin to close.

The Vipers make a devastating pass at the Resurrection Ship. Cylon bodies can be seen being flung into space as the Resurrection Ship takes heavy damage. As the Vipers move away, it explodes.

Lee loses consciousness and slips under the water in his vision.

The search and rescue Raptor jumps near Lee's location.

In Pegasus CIC, Lieutenant Hoshi tells Admiral that Starbuck reports that the Resurrection Ship has been destroyed.

In her cell on Pegasus, Gina says "they have done it," as she continues to hold Baltar's hand.

Lee is revived onboard the search and rescue Raptor.

Lee's resuscitation is relayed back to Galactica CIC. Gaeta reports that the remaining Cylons have jumped. Fisk eyes the Marines standing outside CIC.

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