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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

Episode Analysis:
  • The number of survivors remains the same from Part 1.
  • When dressing down Specialists Gage and Vireen, Fisk alludes to a severe penalty for assaulting an officer on the Pegasus. The way he says is seems to indicate that like other things, Cain has probably taken this to extreme. This would also seem to imply that there must have been at least one incident to cause Cain to up the penalty.
  • Apparently, Thorne did something heroic that saved the lives of many of the crew of Pegasus. Specialist Vireen and Colonel Fisk both say they owe him their lives. This might have been one reason why he was given such latitude with how he treated Gina.
  • Cain has quickly taken Kara "under her wing" and into her confidence. Considering the almost paranoid conditions on Pegasus and Cain, this might signal taking a look at Kara's character and where she could be heading.
  • During their little moment, Cain tells Kara not to "flinch when the moment comes," which seems to set up Kara following through with shooting Cain. However, Kara doesn't have to make that tough decision in this episode. So it will be worth keeping an eye out for the situation where Kara heeds this advice, which is likely to happen considering how she spoke of Cain with respect at the memorial service. It will be interesting to see if such as decision puts Kara anywhere near the path that Cain ended up taking, which turned out to be a dead end.
  • Nothing like a little dramatic license as the writers manage to place Kara in the same corridor as Fisk and his Marines just prior to the battle which is supposed to end with both of them killing their opposite's commanding officer.
  • The very next scene again plays off of this dramatic element by having Tigh comment to Fisk about avoiding having Colonials shooting at one another, when the audience knows what Fisk's orders were.
  • Sharon again seems unsure or uncomfortable talking with Adama. Even though, she didn't shoot him, she continues to carry that baggage with her.
  • In response to Adama's question, Sharon suggests that the Cylons may have decided that humanity is flawed and does not deserve to survive.
  • Baltar can't even be genuine when he's trying to be genuine. In his effort to connect with Gina, he feeds her the story that his Inner Six told him about having two tickets to the pyramid game.
  • Although, another possibility is that Baltar really was the one that bought two tickets: one for him and one for whichever woman he was trying to impress. As part of his psychosis, his Inner Six fed it back to him. Either way, he lying to Gina, because he only just met her.
  • Baltar has now unintentionally dropped his first hint to Gina that he's already been involved with a Six copy.
  • The Cylons have some sense of the group consciousness or perhaps an "always online" connection to the resurrection apparatus, because Gina knew the moment that it had been destroyed.
  • The "always online" connection would explain how Leoben knew he was out of range. Once he was out of range, the connection/sense was gone and with it, the security of immortality. This "always online" connection could also be how new orders might be transmitted, or sleeper agents are awakened.
  • Suicide is a sin in Cylon religion.
  • Gina has a death wish, which can be a dangerous commodity within the fleet.
  • Kara seems to look up to Cain as being a more definitive leader than Commander Adama, based on her remarks on Cain's funeral. However, Cain was alone because she stripped her civilian fleet and left them behind. Either Kara doesn't know about this yet, or she actually seems to condone Cain's decision.
  • Adama is now an Admiral. Roslin's ulterior motive for this promotion is probably to avoid another situation like she just had with Cain trumping her authority.
  • Adama's kiss seemed to be more than just out of appreciation.
  • Roslin appears very weak and the time that Doctor Cottle gave her is nearly up.

  • There are references to specific incidents from the miniseries:
    • While they share a drink, Cain refers to Kara punching Tigh
    • When Adama talks to Sharon , she recalls his speech at the decommissioning ceremony before the Cylon attack.

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