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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

Act 4:
Lee lies in his bunk with a blank [faraway] look on his face.

Fisk speaks at Cain's funeral. He says that she died knowing that the mission had been accomplished and her ship and crew were safe. He says that these were the most important things to her. He talks of succeeding her command by carrying on those same values. Kara then speaks about Cain's 'no second guessing' and unflinching style of command. Kara says that those are things that "we do a lot around here." Kara says that in spite of being just one ship, Cain didn't give up ad did what needed to be done to make sure that Pegasus survived. She believes that they were safer with her than they are without her. Adama turns and looks at Kara after that remark.

Lee lies in his bunk with a blank [faraway] look on his face. Starbuck breaks his "trance" by asking if he's ok. Lee answers that he's not okay. He says that he broke his word to her and let her down by not being there. Dee is just outside, listening. Starbuck says it's ok because of his close call and she didn't end up needing him anyway. She says that they should be happy that they both came back alive. He tells her that he didn't want to come back alive. Dee tears up and when she hears Lee saying that.

Tyrol and Helo go see Sharon in her cell on Galactica. Sharon and Helo talk. She cries tears of joy and says that she didn't think she'd see him again. Chief walks out as they continue to talk.

Billy listens to Roslin and Adama talk in her office on Colonial One. She wants to know how Gina escaped and Adama answers that no one knows what happened in the chaos after the attack. She looks weak. She says that she's happy that he didn't have to assassinate Cain. She says that he has a new job. Billy gives her a box. Roslin says that she knows that someone who commands more than one ship is an admiral. She gives him the box and it has a set of admiral's pins. He thanks her and Billy. He helps her up and then gives her a kiss. Billy then helps her from the room as Adama tears up.

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