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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
Cain makes Starbuck Captain and CAG.

Roslin lectures. Cain says two officers committed murder and she had the authority to sentence them to death.

Roslin says Adama has to kill Cain.

Cain demeans and abuses Gina.

Inner Six tells Baltar how she misses sports.

Baltar explains that the ship is called a Resurrection Ship and the purpose it serves for the Cylons.

Lee and Starbuck explain their plan for attacking the Cylon fleet.

Adama and Cain voice their plan to kill the other.

Lee floats in a river. The sun starts to grow brighter until it is nearly blinding.

Lee floats in space as a Cylon Raider flies by.

(Caption: 48 hours earlier). Starbuck tells Lee about the plan to kill Cain. She says that she could use some backup unless he can't handle it. He talks about trust making them different from the Cylons. They hug.

In their cell, Tyrol and Helo are visited by Pegasus crew. After a few choice words, the cell door is opened. Tyrol and Helo kneel. Helo is tied down and the Chief is pulled away.

Act 1:
Helo and Tyrol are each spread-eagled on a bunk bed. They start in on Helo with a bar of soap wrapped in a towel. Chief calls him a coward and starts on him. Colonel Fisk calls out Gage and Vireen. He orders Helo and Tyrol released. He lectures the two Pegasus men about breaking the rule. Helo and Tyrol thank him. He says that he doesn't want their thanks. Helo says that Thorne was trying to rape a prisoner. Fisk considers her a machine. He then secures their cell.

Kara and Cain share a drink. They talk about Tigh and Kara's differences. Cain then talks about Adama being a good man. Starbuck says that he wasn't going to let Tyrol and Helo be executed. Cain then talks about not letting conscience get in the way of duty in order to save lives. She tells Kara not to "flinch when the moment comes."

Lee delivers communications from the Pegasus to Commander Adama in her quarters. He wants his father to reconsider, but Adama says that the decision has been made. Lee comments on assassination being a solution. Adama says that he'll find someone else to backup Starbuck if needed. He mentions that the President agrees with the plan. Lee is surprised to hear about the President.

Kara prepares for flight on the Pegasus.

Fisk gathers his hand-picked group of Marines.

Kara stows her uniform.

Kara walks past Fisk and his Marines. He wishes her "good hunting."

Act 2:
On Galactica, Fisk present his orders from Cain concerning his commanding the Marines.

Adama stands in his quarters looking at his scar.

Sharon is brought to Adama's quarters. He says he wants to know the Cylon hate humanity so much. Sharon refers to the speech that Adama gave at Galactica's decommissioning before the Cylon attack. She says that he wondered if humanity has ever asked itself if it deserved to survive. She then poses that may be it does not.

The attack is under way with Pegasus and Galactica taking on the basestars.

Lee successfully takes out the Resurrection Ship's FTL drive. He reports his mission complete and looks back admiring his work. He collides with another ship and takes heavy damage.

Dee reports an emergency transponder. Adama orders a search and rescue team.

Fisk orders his Marines to take their positions outside Galactica CIC and then walks into the CIC himself.

Lee floats in space.. He notices a hole in his suit. He takes his hand and tries to cover the hole. He checks his oxygen tank and finds it nearly empty.

The battlestars battle the basestars.

Baltar's Inner Six says that thousands of Cylons are about to die and it's an unforgivable sin. He then tells Gina his Inner Six's line about missing sports. She calls it "beautiful," and takes his hand. His Inner Six says that Gina is damaged and cannot give him what she can. When he continues, she begs him to stop.

Dee tries to raise Apollo on the wireless.

Apollo hears hers, but doesn't answer. He takes his hand away from the whole.

Lee's vision of floating in a river is seen as Dee continues to tries to raise him. He starts to slip away as the two basestars take heavy damage.

The Vipers destroy the Resurrection Ship.

Lee loses consciousness and slips under the water in his vision.

A Raptor jumps near Lee's location.

Hoshi reports that the Resurrection Ship has been destroyed.

Gina says "they have done it," as she continues to hold Baltar's hand.

Lee is revived onboard the Raptor.

Lee's resuscitation is relayed back to Galactica CIC. Gaeta reports that all targets have been destroyed. Fisk eyes the Marines standing by entrance to CIC.

Act 3:
Baltar and Gina sit in her cell.

Kara walks down a Pegasus hallway, fingering her gun and sweating.

Kara enters Pegasus CIC. Cain tells her that she's prove of Starbuck.

Tigh orders a status report and then says he's glad that they didn't need the Marines. Gaeta says that Cain is on the wireless. Cain talks to Adama and then Adama asks for Starbuck. He says that it's not enough to just survive. He doesn't give her the code word and Kara returns the wireless to Cain. Cain asks for her XO. Fisk gets hon the line and she tells him congratulations and that's all. Fisk hangs up the wireless. Tigh says Fisk looks like he could use a drink and Fisk laughs heartily.

Baltar distracts the guard and Gina jumps him, then breaks his neck. Gina wants Baltar to kill her, but he can't do it. He says that he has a place for her to stay where she'll be safe. He will do it because he loves her. She then leaves the cell and Baltar stays behind..

Cain walks into her quarters and takes off her weapon. She starts to take off her uniform jacket. Gina is in her quarters with the gun pointed at her. Gina asks her if she can roll over or beg. Cain says, "frak you." Gina fires the gun.

Act 4:
Lee lies in his bunk.

Fisk speaks at Cain's funeral. He talks of succeeding her command. Kara speaks about Cain's definitive 'No second guessing' style of command. She believes that they were safer with her than they will be without her.

Lee and Starbuck talk while he lays in his bunk. He tells her that he didn't want to come back alive. Dee is just outside listening and she tears up and when she hears Lee saying that.

Tyrol and Helo goes see Sharon . Sharon and Helo talk. Chief walks out as they talk.

Billy listens to Roslin and Adama. She wants to know how Gina escaped. Adama says it was chaotic over there after the attack. Roslin voices her happiness that Adama didn't have to carry out the assassination. Billy gives her a box. Roslin presents it to Adama and says that she knows that someone who commands more than one ship is an admiral. He thanks her and Billy. He helps her up and gives her a kiss. Billy then helps her from the room as Adama tears up.

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