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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

Lee floats in a river wearing a pair of shorts, sunglasses and what looks like a watch. Lee puts up his hand to shield his eyes from the sun, which grows brighter.

Lee floats in space as a Cylon Raider flies by.

(Caption: 48 hours earlier) Starbuck tells Lee about the plan to kill Cain. She says that they kill people for a living, so she'll follow orders. Lee doesn't seem too sure about it. She says that she could use some backup, but will understand if he "can't:" He says that she knows better than that. He says that trust makes them different from the Cylons. They hug.

In their cell, Tyrol and Helo are visited by two members of the Pegasus crew, who speak to the guards. Helo has a wisecrack for them. Vireen says that Thorne saved him and fifty other members of the Pegasus crew. Helo starts it off, but after they make a crude comment about Sharon , Tyrol baits the two Pegasus crew into the opening the cell. Helo doesn't like it, but the guards open the cell and Helo and Tyrol are forced to kneel. Helo wants them to slow down and the Pegasus crewmen say that they will take it "real slow."

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