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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

  • Lt. Thorne somehow personally saved fifty members of the Pegasus crew.

  • Cylons:
  • In response to Adama's question, Sharon suggests that the Cylons may have decided that humanity is flawed and does not deserve to survive.
  • Something has happened in the time since the Cylons left the Colonies that they have developed a monotheist faith. They have become sure of the judgment that their makers (humanity) are undeserving of survival and that they are worthy of carrying out the annihilation.
  • The Six models seem to have been built as the perfect seductresses of men: like sex and even sports. Of course, the interest in sports is only known from Baltar's Inner Six and the damaged Gina.
  • The Cylons have some sense of the group consciousness or perhaps an "always online" connection to the resurrection apparatus, because Gina knew the moment that it had been destroyed.
  • The "always online" connection would explain how Leoben knew he was out of range. Once he was out of range, the connection/sense was gone and with it, the security of immortality. This "always online" connection could also be how new orders might be transmitted, or sleeper agents are awakened.
  • Suicide is a sin in Cylon religion.

  • Notes:
  • 49, 604 survivors
  • The closed captioning that displayed while Fisk and the Marines line up had Fisk giving them a pep talk about being selected for the difficult assignment, but knowing what they need to do. In the actual episode audio, all that can be heard is ship-wide announcements.
  • The music heard near the end of the episode is reminiscent of the haunting music of Black Hawk Down.

  • Unanswered Questions:
  • What exactly did Lieutenant Thorne do to save fifty of the crew of the Pegasus ?
  • Fisk seems to indicate that assaulting an officer on the Pegasus has a penalty above what is mandated by the Colonial Regulations. Was there a particular onboard incident that made Cain increase the penalty?
  • Why does Cain come to like Kara so well so quickly? Does she see herself in Kara? Is this a "good thing" for Kara to earn the admiration of such a ruthless woman?
  • When will Kara decide to heed Cain's advice about not flinching when the moment comes? And will it have some resulting moral consequences?
  • What makes the Cylons so sure of themselves that they can judge their makers (humanity) as flawed and deserving of annihilation?
  • What other male oriented interests do the Six models have beyond sex and sports?
  • How far will Gina go in becoming attached to Baltar? Will she realize that he's already been involved with another Six copy?
  • How are the Cylons going to react to the loss of the Resurrection Ship and that security of immortality?
  • Does Kara know about what Cain did to the civilian ships she found when she makes her remarks at Cain's funeral?
  • Where did Gina escape to? Did Baltar indeed help her escape?
  • Is Adama's kiss signaling a budding romantic relationship with Roslin?

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