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Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Resurrection Ship, Part 2" (#212):

Act 3:
Baltar and Gina sit in her cell on Pegasus. She tells him that she's ready to die. She begs him to send his soul to God.

Kara slowly walks down a Pegasus corridor, fingering her gun and sweating heavily. She murmurs that she's wishes Lee were there.

Kara enters Pegasus CIC with her hand on her weapon. She walks up to Cain. Cain says that she's proud of Starbuck.

In Galactica CIC, Tigh orders a status report. He then tells Fisk that he's glad that they didn't need the Marines and Fisk agrees. Dee says that Cain is on the wireless. Cain talks to Adama. Fisk and his Marines look around. Adama asks for Starbuck. He tells her that it's not enough to just survive, but that there one needs to survive. He doesn't give her the code word and Kara returns the wireless to Cain. She then turns and takes breath of relief. Cain asks for her XO. Fisk gets on the line and she tells him congratulations. After a moment, she says that's all. Cain then hangs up the wireless. Tigh says Fisk looks like he could use a drink and Fisk laughs heartily.

The guard opens Gina's cell. Baltar distracts the guard and Gina jumps him, disarms him and then breaks his neck. Gina puts the weapon in Baltar's hand and starts to put it up under her chin. He says he can't do it. Gina says that suicide is a sin, but that she needs to die. He says that she needs justice. He then puts the gun back in her hand. He then tells her that he has a place for her to stay where she'll be safe. She wants to know why he would do that. He answers it's because he loves her. She then leaves the cell and Baltar stays behind..

Cain walks into her quarters and takes off her weapon. She starts to take off her uniform jacket when she finds Gina is in her quarters. Gina has the weapon pointed at her and asks Cain if she can roll over or beg. Cain says, "frak you." Gina fires the gun.

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