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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Epiphanies" (#213):

Act 2:
In his quarters on Galactica, Adama hands out pamphlets to Tigh, Lee and Baltar. These peace pamphlets were found in Asha Janik's quarters. They are propaganda for the peace movement, which Baltar judges to be organized. Lee reports that Janik was brought onboard because the hangar deck is short-staffed. She is from Picon, had worked maintenance on the Greenleaf and had no prior convictions. Lee says that news of Asha's "demonstration" is spreading across the fleet. Adama says that they have been contacted by someone who says he's speaks for the movement. He has demanded a meeting on the Galactica and Adama has agreed to meet with him. Tigh voices surprise. Adama says that he's not negotiating, but rather just looking to find out what they are "up against."

Roslin lies in her bed in sickbay as Billy stands by her and holding her hand.

[Roslin's Flashback]
Stans comments that "considering the stakes," Roslin doesn't appear "particularly engaged." She says that the stakes are what they make them and if President Adar decides to send in troops, and then people will get hurt and might even die. Stans says that some things are worth dying for. Roslin tells him that they aren't going to win this one. She looks past Stans and sees a man in a Colonial military uniform meeting with three civilian women.

[Back to the Present]
Roslin writhes in her bed in sickbay and calls for Doctor Cottle.

Tigh and Adama stand in Adama's quarters on Galactica. Rohan Jahee is escorted in by a squad of Marines and introduces himself as a "visitor." Tigh says that they shoot people like Jahee for treason. Jahee says he's trying to prevent bloodshed and that he regrets what happened with the Vipers. Adama asks how many "sympathizers" are in the fleet. Jahee says that the organization cannot be crushed because they are following an idea, not a leader. Jahee says that they want peace with the Cylons. Adama points out that the Cylons attacked the Colonies. Jahee counters that they did so after being enslaved. Jahee wants to know how "attack and retreat leads to victory." Adama places him under arrest even as Jahee claims that such a move will not stop the movement.

On the Galactica flight deck, Lee brings over to Starbuck the materials found in Asha Janik's quarters. Lee finds a portable library reader which contains the specs for the FTL drive of the Daru Mozu , which is the fleet's lone tyllium refining ship. Starbuck points out that Janik had access and knowledge of explosives. Lee immediately orders a TAC team [presumably for investigating the possibility of sabotage on the Daru Mozu].

Helo and Sharon talk in the brig. He has told her about the decision to terminate the baby. She wants to know "why now." He answers that something was found in the baby's blood and Roslin considers it a threat to the fleet. Sharon says that she's buried her anger and gone out of her way to show "them" that not all Cylons are murderers. Helo guesses that they are still afraid of Sharon . She drops the phone. Sharon starts pacing around her her cell, working herself up. She starts smashing her forehead into the class. Helo tries to clam her as guards enter the cell and restrain her.

Onboard a Raptor piloted by Racetrack, Lee briefs the TAC team of Marines. He says that they are looking for bombs in the FTL drive of the Daru Moza . Racetrack picks up a transmission. Someone gives a speech about making a statement to the Cylons about peace. Lee orders Racetrack to pull up and as she does so a bomb goes off. The Raptor just makes it clear of the blast area. At least one body can be seen venting into the space from the hull breach.

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