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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Epiphanies" (#213):

Act 1:
Starbuck and Kat are out in the Vipers on the CAP.

Dee acknowledges Starbuck's report.

Kat makes a comment about Starbuck being twenty minutes late and then asks if she had a "rough night." Starbuck tells her she's out of line.

Kat requests permission to clear her guns and Starbuck gives it. Kat fires a few rounds, and then suddenly one of her guns explodes. Debris hits Kara's canopy, cracking it. Starbuck declares an emergency and they head back to Galactica.

A deckhand breaks Starbuck's cracked canopy, so it can be replaced. Tyrol tells Starbuck that Kat's guns are clean, because he checked them out himself. They walk over to Kat's Viper. Cally shows Chief and Starbuck some shells. He notices that the casing has been weakened, which would cause it to break apart in the barrel, jamming the weapon. Cally says that she found three more. Tyrol calls it sabotage. He orders that all the ordinance be pulled.

Billy sits by Roslin's bed in sickbay. Nearby, Commander Adama asks Doctor Cottle how Roslin is doing. Cottle says that she's dying. He says that he offered to give her a shot of morpha, but she refused it. Adama walks toward Roslin's bed.

[Roslin's Flashback]
The doctor tells her that her tests were positive.

[Roslin's Flashback Con't]
Roslin sees Baltar and Six walk and talk across the fountain from her.

[Roslin's Flashback Con't]
Roslin follows President Adar into his office. She wants to speak with the strikers before they send in troops, because they are teachers. Adar counters that their last protest resulted in two policemen being hospitalized, while six have chained themselves outside the Hall of Education. Because of that, he considers them criminals. Roslin points out that they are underpaid, the schools are falling apart and the strike has been gaining momentum for months. She wonders why he won't at least talk to them. Adar says that as President, he doesn't have to explain himself. When Roslin doesn't say anything, Adar guesses that she already agreed to a meeting with Stans. She says that it will take place only with his approval.

[Back to the Present]
Roslin tells Baltar and Adama to stop talking about her as if she's not around. She asks Billy to raise her bed. She tells Adama, Billy and Baltar that they need to discuss "the Cylon." Doctor Cottle tells Baltar and Adama that the Cylon fetus is showing some "peculiar genetic abnormalities." Adama points out that he hasn't seen anything in Baltar's reports. Baltar answers that Cottle is not the expert, but he is. He says that he didn't see anything conclusive. Cottle agrees, but still finds it odd. Baltar says that Sharon is of great tactical value to the fleet. Roslin suggests that he's gotten too close to his subject. Roslin suggests that Sharon 's baby needs to be terminated out of security of the fleet. Adama starts to question her decision, but she thinks he would understand. Baltar says that he doesn't understand. Roslin counters that as President, she doesn't need to explain herself to anyone. She then says that she's tired and dismisses them.

Baltar approaches Adama in the corridor outside. He suggests that Roslin's illness has impaired her judgment. Adama felt that she was quite coherent. Baltar then tries to argue that destroying the child would "seriously impact" his scientific study of the "Cylon sub-species." Adama says that he's backing the President's decision. Baltar starts to argue that she made the decision based on Doctor Cottle's findings, but Adama interrupts him. Adama tells him to pull himself together, because he's about to become President and needs to act like he can handle it. Adama walks off, leaving Baltar standing there. Baltar turns to find his Inner Six standing there. She walks over and he steps back. He asks where she's been. She says that she never left him. He says that it has been weeks. He reaches out to touch her cheek and she grabs him the wrist and twists his arm into an uncomfortable position. She figures that he hasn't missed her in the weeks since she last appeared. He says that jealous is an "ugly emotion." She keeps hold of his wrist and walks him down the corridor. He comments that she still can't get over his "affair" with her "three-dimensional duplicate" and pulls his hand free, but continues following her. She is concerned about "our child." He says that the President intends to "kill it." She says that when Roslin is gone, he'll be able to use his new authority to save the child. He says that Adama holds him in contempt and probably won't support his presidency. She reminds him of the nuke. He thinks she's insane. She grabs his tie and gives it a yank. She says that if Adama remains committed to terminating the child, then the nuke may be the "only hope." She disappears and he realizes that several people are standing around looking at him holding his own tie.

In his quarters on Galactica, Adama tells Helo that President Roslin has decided that the pregnancy will be terminated. Adama explains that Doctor Cottle has found some anomalies in the blood work. Helo thinks that was expected. Adama says that Roslin has decided that allowing the baby to come to full term would be an "unacceptable risk." Helo points out that Sharon has done nothing but help the fleet, even turning against the Cylons. Adama counters that she did so to save herself and that she is still "the enemy." Helo asks if Sharon knows yet and Adama answers that she doesn't. Helo says that he should be the one to tell her. Adama says that he doesn't expect Helo to agree with the decision, but he needs to accept it. Helo says that it's his child; a part of him. Adama dismisses him.

In Galactica CIC, Lee and Starbuck have just told Adama and Tigh about the munitions sabotage. Tigh asks Lee if he's ordered both Galactica and Pegasus Vipers to be stood down. The two of them go back and forth over that decision as the newly reinstated CAG until Adama tells them to back down. Lee says that information has been going back and forth between both ships, so he wants to be sure no one flies combat until all the ammo has been checked. Tigh points out that grounding the Vipers leaves the fleet defenseless if the Cylons decide to attack. Adama points out that they were already defenseless, but hadn't known about it. Adama orders Lee to find out who is behind the sabotage.

Lee and Starbuck enter a manufacturing room. Lee asks for Asha Janik. She is pointed out to be working on munitions casings. Lee tells the Marines that he wants to take care of the situation quietly. Lee and Starbuck approach her. She recognizes him and says that she has a message for Admiral Adama. She starts yelling that she is one of many that has declared war on the military which is the real enemy because it refuses to negotiate for peace. She is restrained and led away as Starbuck comments about being discreet.

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