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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Epiphanies" (#213):

Act 3:
In the Galactica brig, Adama talks to Jahee about the bombing, pointing out that people were killed. Jahee says that the bombings will continue until someone starts listening. Adama grabs Jahee by the throat and makes it clear that it will end. Adama then walks off with Tigh following.

Billy tells Baltar that Roslin insisted that Baltar be given a tour of Colonial One to help ease the transition. Baltar notices Roslin's file on known Cylons. He opens it up and find s a picture of Number Six. Baltar sits down behind Roslin's desk. He notices the whiteboard with the number of survivors. Billy says that the number symbolizes hope to Roslin. The significance of the tour starts to sink in with Baltar. Billy says that it's tradition for outgoing presidents to leave a letter and Billy gives Baltar one written by Roslin for Baltar to open on the first day of his new term. Baltar takes the letter and says that they should pray that Roslin gets better. The phone rings and Billy answers it as Baltar tucks the letter into his pocket. The phone call is for Baltar, who solemnly talks on the phone.

Baltar is flying to Cloud Nine on a Raptor. He is looking over some scientific data that looks to be molecular structures.

(Caption: Cloud Nine)
On Cloud Nine, Baltar knocks on a door and enters. He is confronted by an armed woman. Baltar tells her that he was told he would meet an old friend. Gina walks in from the next room. He realizes that she's a part of the peace movement now. Gina says that she's always "abhorred violence." Gina asks the guard to leave. Baltar asks if they know who she is and she says that they don't. She takes off her glasses, puts them down and says that she missed him. He moves close and puts his hand to her cheek, which causes her to flinch. She is clearly uncomfortable as he tells her that he's hung up on her. As he tries to step closers, she starts backing up and asks him to stop. He tries to kiss her and she bites him. He apologizes and she says she's just not ready. He wants to know why she asked him to come. She says that he saved her and now she will save him. She says that the fleet is crumbling and is souring towards the military. She believes that if he becomes President, he'll be able to turn them against the military and allow the Cylons to 'ride to the rescue'. He says that he wants to be with her "always." She says that he needs to stay where he is because the fleet is turning on itself. He looks at the blood on his fingertips and the scientific data that he had been working on. He then stands up and tells her that he won't be responsible for the destruction of mankind.

Roslin lies in sickbay.

[Roslin's Flashback]
The Caprica doctor indicates that if [the cancer] had been found sooner, there would have been a chance of treating it.

[Roslin's Flashback Con't]
Roslin leaves the doctor's office.

[Back to the Present]
Roslin lies in sickbay.

[Roslin's Flashback Con't]
Roslin has entered President Adar's office. He closes the door and tells her that he didn't like how they "left things this morning." She puts her hand on his chest. He acknowledges that she considers [their romantic relationship] to be a mistake. They mutually pull closer and kiss. She breaks away and takes a few steps away. She tells him that she just met with Stans and that the Education Alliance will back off. Adar wants to know what she gave them. She says that she agreed to seriously hear their grievances and that she thought he would be happy that they are going to return to work. He's upset because of the position that it puts him in for any future strike. She's set a precedent that if any strike lasts long enough, Adar's administration will give in. She thinks that he expected her to fail, but he says that he expected her to hold the administrations ground. He asks for her resignation. She says that he was willing to send the military after them and that up until earlier that day, she was willing to go along with him. She says that she's about to leave to head for the Galactica to represent the administration. She then continues that if he wants her resignation when she returns, he better prepared for a fight.

[Back to the Present]
In Galactica sickbay, Doctor Cottle looks at Roslin's vitals and says thatAdama should be contacted.

Adama addresses the Galactica crew on the wireless. Lee, Cally and Tyrol listen in from the hangar deck. Adama says that Roslin has been onboard receiving treatment for several days. Dee listens in CIC as Adama asks those who believe in prayer to do so for the health of President Roslin. He asks that the rest join him in keeping her in their thoughts.

Guards enter Sharon's cell followed by a nurse. The guards restrain her as the nurse administers a sedative. Sharon struggles as Adama watches from outside the cell.

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