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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Epiphanies" (#213):

Unanswered Questions:
  • What has happened to Chief Laird now that Chief Tyrol is back in his old post? Is Laird back to Pegasus deck chief?
  • Who is Pegasus CAG? Has Stinger been reinstated?
  • What will Roslin do now that she remembers that Baltar was with a Cylon before the attack on the Twelve Colonies?
  • What is the significance of Roslin noticing the three civilian women meeting with a man in a Colonial military uniform in her flashback?
  • Did Roslin see whoever Six met with after Baltar left?
  • How was Gina able to not only join the peace movement, but also rise to its leadership? Was she aided, either knowingly or unknowningly, by other Cylons?
  • Is Gina working with the other Cylons? Or is she independent?
  • Do the other Cylons know about what Gina is doing? If so, how will they exploit her and the peace movement?
  • What will happen with the peace movement when it's revealed that Gina is actually a Cylon herself?
  • How long will Baltar keep Gina's identity a secret, either from the peace movement or from the rest of the fleet?
  • What other discoveries has Baltar made concerning Sharon 's baby?
  • What were Baltar's true motives for saving Roslin and Sharon 's child, rather than assuming the Presidency?
  • How will Roslin's recovery be explained, since there have to be rumors of her incurable cancer?
  • What will happen within the fleet when the truth of Roslin's cure is revealed?
  • How long will the extraordinary healing powers of Sharon 's baby be kept a secret?
  • How will her sudden cure (and removal of impending death) affect Roslin's decision-making from here on out?
  • How long will Gina be willing to wait for Baltar before she acts?
  • What will be the consequences for Roslin since her decision to hear out the peace movement will rub supporters such as the military the wrong way?
  • How is Roslin going to treat Sharon now, since she has demonstrated even less trust in Sharon than even Adama?
  • What were Baltar and his Inner Six thinking by giving Gina and the peace movement the nuke?
  • Will Adama discover that Baltar's nuke is missing (one assumes that it should only be a matter of time)?

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