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"Epiphanies" (#213):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):
Roslin introduces Baltar as Vice-President.

Baltar offers to hide Gina.

Cottle tells Roslin that the cancer has progressed.

(Caption: Caprica City 189 days ago) Roslin flashes back to her visit to the doctor's office where she learns that she has cancer.

Roslin is wheeled down the corridor with Billy beside her.

Roslin sits by a fountain in a park in Caprica City . She's meeting with a representative of the Arts Foundation. She spots Baltar with Number Six.

Roslin arrives in sick bay. Cottle looks at her. Billy takes her hand.

Act 1:
Starbuck and Kat are out in the Vipers on a training run. Kat tries to fire her weapons and one of the guns blows out. Debris hits Kara's canopy, cracking it. They head back to Galactica.

Cally shows Chief and Starbuck some shells. He notices that some of them have been weakened.

Roslin lies in sick bay.

Roslin and President Adar talk about the striking workers.

Roslin tells them to stop talking about her. She sits up and tells Adama, Billy and Baltar that they need to discuss "the Cylon." Over Baltar's objections, Roslin suggests that Sharon 's baby needs to be terminated.

Baltar and Adama talk in the corridor. He tries to undermine Roslin's decision, but Adama backs her and tells Baltar that he needs to start acting like the President. Adama walks off and his Inner Six appears. He asks where she's been. She figures that he hasn't missed her in the weeks since she last appeared. She is concerned about "our child." She reminds him of the nuke. He thinks she's insane. She disappears and he realizes that several people are standing around looking at him holding his own tie.

Adama tells Helo that President Roslin has decided that the pregnancy will be terminated. Helo argues with him.

In a meeting in CIC, Lee tells Adama and Tigh about the munitions sabotage.

Lee and Starbuck go into a maintenance room and find Asha Janik. She starts yelling about having a message for Adama about peace. She is restrained and led away.

Act 2:
Adama hands out pamphlets to Tigh, Lee and Baltar. These peace pamphlets are found in her quarters. They are propaganda for the movements. Adama says that they have been contacted by someone who says he's behind the propaganda. Adama has agreed to meet with him.

Roslin lies in bed.

Flashback to Caprica City: Roslin meets with Stans and tells him that they aren't going to win this one. She sees someone in a Colonial uniform meeting with Six.

Tigh greets Jahee, who represents the peace movement. Adama places him under arrest.

Lee and Starbuck find a electronic specs for the FTL drive of the Daru Moza ..

Helo and Sharon talk. He tells her that something that was found in the baby's blood is considered a threat to the fleet by Roslin. Sharon rants and then drops the phone. Sharon starts working herself up. She starts smashing her head into the class. Helo tries to clam her. Guards enter the cell and restrain her.

Lee and a team of Marines move in near the Daru Moza , a tylium refining ship. Before they can close in, a speech is heard over the wireless and then a bomb goes off. The Raptor just makes it clear of the blast area.

Act 3:
Adama talks to Jahee about the bombing. Jahee says that the bombings will continue until someone starts listening. Adama says in no uncertain terms that it will end.

Billy takes Baltar on a tour of Roslin's office on Colonial One. Baltar notices Roslin's file on known Cylons. Billy gives Baltar a letter and the phone rings. Billy answers it and it's for Baltar. Baltar talks on the phone.

Baltar is flying to Cloud Nine on a Raptor.

On Cloud Nine , Baltar knocks on a door and an armed woman confronts him. He says he was told he would meet an old friend and Gina appears. She's part of the peace movement now. He asks if they know who she is and she says know. She takes off her glasses and puts them down. He comes on to her over her objections. He tries to kiss her and she bites him. He apologizes and she says she's just not ready. She says that he needs to stay where he is because the fleet is turning on itself. He looks at the blood on his fingertips and the paper that he has and then tells her that he won't be responsible for the destruction of mankind.

Roslin lies in sick bay.

Flashback to Caprica City : Roslin greets Adar. He closes the door and gives her a kiss. She says that Stans will back off. Adar wants to know what she gave them. She says that she agreed to seriously hear their grievances. He's upset because of the position that it puts him in for any strike. He asks for her resignation. She sas that she's about to leave to head for the Galactica to represent the administration.

Cottle looks at Roslin's vitals and says thatAdama should be notified.

Adama makes an announcement about Roslin's health and for everyone to pray for her.

Guards enter Sharon 's cell and restrain her as Adama watches.

Act 4:
Sharon is wheeled down the corridor under armed guard with Adama following. Helo steps out and puts his hand on his weapon, He asks Adama not to do it. Adama tells Helo to think about what he's doing and that he's a soldier. Helo says he's a father and offers to take Sharon away from the fleet. Baltar interrupts and says he has information about the Cylon baby.

In sickbay, Baltar explains that Sharon 's baby has no blood type. He says that he tested the blood against the cancer and the cancer was wiped out. He says that it's dangerous, but worth a try. However, if he aborts the fetus then he'll never know.

Baltar extracts some blood from Sharon 's fetus. As Baltar carries out his procedure, Cottle says it's unnatural. Baltar says that under the circumstances, he remains hopefully.

Flashback to Caprica City : Roslin says that the teachers must stop protesting and go back to work, which Stans agrees to. Roslin notices Baltar kissing Six.

In sickbay, Roslin goes into convulsions. She comes around and sees Baltar.

Adama checks with Cottle on Roslin's condition. He says that the cancer is gone.

Adama walks over to Roslin. Billy is at her bedside.She asks about Jahee and wants to be taken to see him.

Billy wheels Roslin into the brig with Adama following her. Roslin asks that the cell door be opened. Jahee says that they just want to be heard. She says that she needs his assurances that there will be no more attacks. He says that he'll convince his people.

Baltar is in is lab and his Inner Six appears. He's happy to have saved Sharon 's baby. She points out that he has forfeited his place of leadership. He remembers Roslin's letter and Six reads it. Roslin says that Baltar needs to overcome his selfishness for the good fo the fleet. Baltar gets upset and his Inner Six says that it's no longer just political, but rather life and death.

Roslin sits outside Sharon 's cell and watches her.

Baltar watches Jahee leave the Galactica.

Jahee arrives on Cloud Nine and tells Gina that President Roslin wants no more acts of violence. She thinks Roslin is just buying time. Jahee then tells her that he also met with Baltar, who gave him a package to deliver to her as an assurance that he is working on Roslin from within. Gina opens it to find Baltar's nuke.

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