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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Epiphanies" (#213):

  • Roslin was meeting an education union (Education Alliance) representative in the same park that Baltar met Six with not long before the Cylon attacks.
  • Roslin ended up agreeing to hear the Education Alliance's grievances in exchange for them returning to work.
  • When President Adar learned of her concession, he wanted her resignation as damage control to make it clear that his administration would not agree to concessions with striking unions.
  • Roslin's meeting with Adar took place just before she left for the Galactica decommissioning ceremony.
  • Roslin was preparing to fight for her job when she returned to Caprica.
  • Roslin and Adar had been romantically involved for some time. The episode does not indicate whether he was married. However, by the way he was sure to close the door to his office before they embraced, it is apparent that he wanted the relationship to remain a secret.
  • Roslin saw Baltar meet with Six at that Caprica City park, but the memory had been suppressed until her near death experience..
  • There was a bitter ongoing teachers' strike in colonies (or at least on Caprica) at the time of the Cylon attacks.
  • Asha Janik is from Picon and had worked maintenance on the Greenleaf prior to being brought over to the Galactica. She had no prior criminal record.
  • The Daru Mozu is the fleet's lone tylium refining ship.
  • Baltar gave Gina the nuke that had been given to him by Adama for use in creating a Cylon detector.
  • An interesting parallel to Sharon 's half-human/half-Cylon child is the concern and revulsion that mixed race children are still treated with even today in many parts of (our) world. There are various excuses given for why such children should not be given life and some of them don't sound that much different than the argument that Roslin used.

  • Cylons:
  • Gina has fallen in with the peace movement. She could be acting independently, but it is also possible that the Cylons know about her or even helped her enter and move up in the ranks of the movement. The Cylons will likely manipulate her or exploit her (if she's on her own) for their own ends.
  • The Cylon child has an amalgam of Cylon and human blood, which allows the Cylon enhancements to eliminate human diseases. This would seem to make the Cylon child dangerous for another reason: it could possibly withstand some sort of biological attack that would wipe out the rest of the fleet. The Cylons have shown an interest in the child and if they learn of the child's seeming immunity, then they may not be so cautious when attacking.

  • Notes:
  • 49,598 survivors
  • Internet articles indicated that President Adar was married while romantically involved with Roslin, but the episode makes no definitive reference to his status. The only indication is how he made sure to close the door before he approached her. However, this could be attributed to a cultural hang-up on certain administration relationships.

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