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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Epiphanies" (#213):

Act 4:
Sharon is wheeled on a gurney under restraint down the corridor under armed guard with Adama following. At the entrance to sick bay, Helo steps out and puts his hand on his weapon. The guards halt and raise their weapons. Helo asks Adama not to do it. Adama orders the guards to "stand down" and then walks over to Helo. Adama tells Helo to think about what he's doing and that he's a soldier. Helo says he's a father like Adama. He requests a Raptor in which he can take Sharon away from the fleet. Baltar interrupts the standoff. Adama wants him to leave, but Baltar says he has information about the Cylon baby and that he might have been wrong about Cottle's interpretation of the fetal blood work.

In sickbay, Baltar explains to Adama that Cylon blood is virtually identical to human blood. Sharon lies nearby and Helo moves closer to overhear what Baltar is saying. Baltar explains that the fetus carries an amalgam of the two blood types. He says that Sharon 's baby has no antigens or blood type, which was what Doctor Cottle was referring to. Citing the evidence that the Cylons are able to endure more than their human counterparts, Baltar decided to test whether they were more resistant to diseases. Baltar shows Adama the results of testing the fetal blood against the cancer and the cancer was wiped out within hours. Helo asks if Baltar has found a cure for the President's cancer. Baltar says that it's dangerous, but worth a try. However, if Adama aborts the fetus then he'll never know.

As Helo, Cottle and Billy watch, Baltar extracts some blood from Sharon 's fetus. As Baltar carries out his procedure, Cottle says it's unnatural and dangerous. Baltar says that under the circumstances of Roslin's current health, he doesn't see the harm in the attempt. Cottle says that it might just be Roslin's time. Baltar walks over to Roslin and administers the blood to her as Helo comforts Sharon who is on the next bed.

[Roslin's Flashback]
Roslin says that in order to bring about a settlement, the teachers must stop protesting or "acts of violence." She wants the children back in school. Stans agrees to her terms. Roslin notices Baltar kissing Six.

[Back to the Present]
In sickbay, Roslin goes into convulsions as her vitals fluctuate.

[Roslin's Flashback Con't]
Six looks in Roslin's direction, apparently right at Roslin.

[Back to the Present]
Sharon looks over at Roslin convulsing in her bed. Helo watches as well. Baltar calls for a nurse. She comes over as Roslin's vitals flatline and Cottle tells the nurse to hold off. Her vitals come back around, completely stable. Roslin comes around and first sees Billy. Baltar calls her name. She looks around and sees Baltar. She tries to point at him and he gently puts her hand back down as Billy, Cottle and Sharon look on.

(Caption: 48 Hours Later )
In Galactica sickbay, Adama checks with Doctor Cottle on Roslin's condition. Cottle looks over test results and says that the cancer is completely gone.

Adama walks over to Roslin. Billy is at her bedside. She asks if Adama is still holding Jahee in the brig. When he answers that he is, Roslin asks to be taken to see Jahee.

Billy wheels Roslin into the brig with Adama following her. Jahee greets her. Roslin asks that the cell door be opened and Jahee steps out. Jahee says that they just want to be heard. She points out that their tylium refinery was nearly destroyed by a member of the movement. She continues that in order for talks to even begin, she needs his assurances that there will be no more attacks. When he starts to dance, she says that real negotiations require trust. He says that he'll convince his people. She agrees to listen and possibly act, but if the agreement is broken, she will send Adama after the entire movement.

Baltar is in his lab smoking a cigar, when his Inner Six appears. He's happy to have saved Sharon 's baby and that Adama and Roslin have agreed that more study is required. She points out that he has forfeited his place of leadership, which she admits she doesn't understand. He agrees and adds that Gina probably doesn't understand him either. Inner Six asks if he loves Gina. He notices Roslin's letter. Even though it is to be read if she dies, he opens it anyway. Six reads it. Roslin offers congratulations, in spite of their differences and her many misgivings. Roslin says that he is the most brilliant made she's ever known, but lacks compassion. Roslin recommends that Baltar needs to overcome his selfishness for the good of the fleet. Baltar gets upset because of everything that he's done for the fleet and Roslin. Inner Six says that she's never trusted him and has undermined him whenever she could. Baltar tears the letter up. Inner Six says that it's no longer just political, but rather life and death.

Roslin sits outside Sharon 's cell and watches her from behind the two way glass as Sharon looks at her stomach.

From the upper level of the hangar deck, Baltar watches Jahee board a Rapter to leave the Galactica.

(Caption: Cloud Nine )
Jahee arrives in Gina's quarters on Cloud Nine . He tells Gina that President Roslin has agreed to bring their concerns to the Quorum and Admiral Adama, but only if there are no more acts of violence. She thinks Roslin is just buying time, because she'll never negotiate with the Cylons. Jahee disagrees because he also met with Baltar. Baltar asked for patience while he works on Roslin. He also gave Jahee a package to deliver to her as an assurance to Gina. Gina opens it and jumps back. It's Baltar's nuke.

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