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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Black Market" (#214):

Act 1:
Racetrack and Lee return to Galactica in the Raptor.

[Lee's Flashback]
The Blackbird collides with another ship and is heavily damaged.

Lee floats in space as a Viper chases a Cylon Raider right past him.

Lee watches the two battlestars inflict heavy damage on one of the Cylon basestars.

There is a closeup of the blonde's eyes on a sunny day presumably on Caprica.

There is another closeup of the blonde from the shoulders up as she smiles presumably at him.

Next is a view of a Caprica plaza from above.

The blonde runs to a spot on the plaza and comes to a stop in another shot of the plaza from above, but slightly closer in.

Lee is revived on the floor of the Raptor.

[Back to the Present]
Lee glances around the Raptor with a lost look on his face. Racetrack can be heard taking the "ball" on her approach to the Galactica.

Racetrack calls her approach to Galactica.

The Raptor moves in on Galactica in a shot seen over Racetrack and Apollo's shoulders

Doctor Cottle, Adama and Tigh are in Galactica sickbay. Fisk is dead on the table. Cottle says that he's just starting the autopsy, but guesses that Fisk was garroted. He walks over to Fisk and pulls a cubit from out of his mouth. Adama and Tigh leave.

Tigh and Adama walk down a Galactica corridor. Adama believes that a message is being sent. Tigh suggests that it might be another Cylon.

In his quarters on Galactica, Adama tells Lee about Fisk. He asks Lee to lead the investigation. Lee wants to know why not someone from Pegasus. Adama says that even though Cain is gone, her influence remains and he needs someone he can trust. Lee comments trust was once in short supply between the two of them. Adama says that they have been through a lot. He asks for Lee's help.

On Pegasus, Lee walks down the corridor and asks the guards if anyone has been in the quarters. He's told only the medical team has done so. Lee then enters Fisk's quarters. He notices blood on the desk.

Lee goes through Fisk's closet. He finds three boxes of cigars and a footlocker full of jewelry in Fisk's closet. He takes out a bracelet and notices the initials E.T. on it. He closes the footlocker and puts the bracelet in his pocket. Lee hears someone outside in the corridor demanding entry. It's Baltar because he's declaring that he's the Vice-President. Lee opens the door and Baltar says he didn't know that Baltar was invited. Lee shows him in and Baltar wants to know what happened. Lee says that Fisk is dead. Lee asks if the cigars are his brand. Inner Six appears and tells Baltar that the "goodwill" he gained from saving Roslin's life is fading away and quickly being replaced by the old suspicions. Baltar wants to know why Lee is there. Lee wants to know the same thing and describes the brutality of Fisk's murder. Inner Six tells Baltar to act like the Vice-President, not a kid who's just been caught with "his hand was in the cookie jar." To drive home her point, Inner Six wonders what Gina would think if she saw how Baltar was acting. Baltar suddenly gets his spine back and explains that he was there to discuss Roslin's "new trade policy." Lee says that he thought that was all settled, but Baltar indicates that Fisk still had some reservations and that he was coming to meet with Fisk to "assuage" Fisk's concerns. Baltar then snottily wants to know if Lee also needs him to provide an alibi. Lee stares him down for a few moments, then moves to leave. He tells Baltar to enjoy the cigars and then orders the guards to escort Baltar back to his ship.

On Galactica 's hangar deck, Tigh tells Adama that the wireless is going crazy with the news of Fisk's murder. Adama says that when a commanding officer is killed, people will [naturally] be concerned with security. Tigh is concerned with Pegasus' crew, since they've just lost their second commanding officer in a few weeks. Lee disembarks from his Raptor as Tigh talks. Lee reports that Fisk's logs show that he was rerouting supply runs, on and off-loading freighters without authorization and raided the McConnell (sp?) and several other ships just in the last week. Lee also reports that he found "a warehouse of high-value merchandise" in Fisk's quarters. Adama says that he was working the black market. Lee says that half the fleet "works" the black market, but Fisk was getting greedy with it. Adama guesses that Fisk crossed one of his suppliers which would explain the cubit found in his mouth. Tigh says that they don't know who did it. Adama says that he would need trading partners. Lee says that shouldn't be hard to find on Galactica. They turn to see the deckhands opening a huge crate.

[Lee's Flashback]
Lee sits on Shevon's bed. Shevon ties her robe as she walks over and sits down next to Lee. She tells him that she's worried because Paya's cough keeps getting worse. He says that he'll bring some medicine the next time he comes back. Shevon says that he may not be back for weeks if there is another Cylon attack. Shevon says that she's been hearing about shortages on other ships and that people are desperate for food and medicine. She points out that there are more working girls. She says that when "you're baby's hungry, you'll do anything to make it stop." Lee can't think of anything to say, so he just pulls her into an embrace, which is interrupted by Paya calling for her mother. She gets up and heads into the other room as Lee continues to sit there.

[Back to the Present]
Lee visits the Tighs' quarters on Galactica. Tigh is lying in his bunk holding a bottle of alcohol. Tigh gets up and wants to know what Lee wants. Lee asks if Ellen is around and Tigh says she isn't. Lee shows him the bracelet that he found and wants to know if it is hers. Tigh says that Ellen lost it a couple of weeks ago and asks where Lee found it. Lee says that it was on Pegasus. Lee walks over to a tray of fresh fruit, picks up some grapes and says the bracelet was in Fisk's quarters.

[Lee's Flashback]
Paya lies in her bed coughing. Shevon says that Paya is burning up with fever. Lee asks what the infirmary told her. She says that all the antibiotics had already been rationed out and they might have something by the end of the week.

[Back to the Present]
Lee says that there are shortages across the fleet and yet the Tighs have fresh fruit and real liquor. Tigh calls Lee out. Lee says that he must have knows that she was trading with Fisk and he'll go talk to Ellen. Tigh says that he traded the bracelet to Fisk for some necessities for her. He says that there's nothing illegal about it and Lee adds "not yet." Tigh says that he hasn't done anything that most others on Galactica haven't done, including Lee.

[Lee's Flashback]
Flashback goes back to the original sequence after Lee had tried to give Paya the doll, because Shevon holds it as he gives her some cash.

[Back to the Present]
Lee stands up, walks over to Tigh and says that it just means that a whole of us are [doing the] wrong [thing]. He then tosses the bracelet over the neck of a bottle of alcohol and then leaves the Tighs' quarters.

In the Galactica weight room, Lee works out some aggression on the punching speed box. It's obviously not working because he starts making aggressive single punches on the bag. Dee walks in and wants to know why Lee missed the class. He said he's been busy and he doesn't really think she needs him anymore. She then comes out and asks where things are going between them because she has noticed a change in their workouts. Lee walks closer to her, but shrugs and doesn't know what to say. Dee puts on a brave face and leaves.

Lee walks down a Galactica corridor when he is notified that he has a call from Cloud Nine . He walks over to a corridor phone and answers it.

Lee knocks on door of Shevon's quarters on Cloud Nine and asks her to let him in. She gets up and opens the door for Lee. She's been beaten up. She says that they know that Lee comes to see her and they wanted to know what they talk about. He tells her to pack up because he's taking her and Paya back to Galactica. She wants to know what he's going to say about them and he says that he knows "what this is." Just then someone bursts in with a gun. Lee fights him off as Shevon takes Paya behind her bed, but a second man joins in. The second man uses the garrote on Lee. Lee is choking, but trying to reach a piece of glass. He's helpless as the first man walks into the bedroom and slaps Shevon around. Phelan comes in and tells Lee to drop the Fisk investigation or he'll kill Shevon and then Paya. He tells Lee that he knows whose son he is and he doesn't care. He then kicks Lee, knocking him unconscious.

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