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"Black Market" (#214):

In a bar, Lee holds a gun on a man [his name will be revealed as Phelan much later, but this recap will refer to him as Phelan from this point on], who stands up. Phelan tells Lee that he won't pull the trigger because Lee isn't like him.

Caption: Cloud Nine: 48 hours earlier
A woman reaches down to the side of her bed to grab her clothes. Lee, who is lying next to her, doesn't want her to leave yet. She [her name will be revealed as Shevon much later, but this recap will refer to her as Shevon from this point on] says that Shevon thought he was still asleep. Lee says that Shevon should have kicked him out an hour ago, because if he holds up the Galactica Raptor, Tigh will be all over him.

In Admiral Adama's on Galactica, Roslin stands up. Adama, Commander Fisk and Baltar are there. Fisk comments that Roslin has made a remarkable recovery. Roslin says that she playing catch-up because she lost some focus during her illness. Roslin is concerned about the scarcity of supplies. Fisk is flippant about the civilian complaints. Roslin says that the supplies that are secured are highly expensive. Adama says that many in the fleet have been forced to turn to the black market for goods. Roslin says that Billy had to trade liquor to obtain antibiotics for another one of her aides. Fisk says that it's the result of the free market. Roslin says that she wouldn't mind a few trades, but she feels that it's out of control. She announces that she's instituting a fleet-wide trade policy in an effort to control the "supply chain" rather than let the black marketers run rampant. She asks for military support. Before Adama can answer, Fisk offers Pegasus' services. Adama tells Roslin that the military will take care of it. She thanks them and then leaves.

Fisk and Baltar walk through a Galactica corridor. Fisk asks if Roslin is always so direct and Baltar says that her "last-minute resurrection" seems to have had an affect on her. Fisk wants to know if she really thinks that her new policy will change anything. Baltar says that she believes in the weight of her office and Adama supports her "for the moment." Fisk says that he supports her as well "for the moment." Fisk then asks if Baltar got the cigars that he sent over. Baltar says not only did he receive them, but also enjoyed them. Fisk then demonstrates a graciousness to Baltar that was absent with Roslin and walks off, leaving Baltar standing in the corridor.

[Lee's Flashback]
There is a dreamy shot of a beautiful blonde smiling.

Lee wears civilian clothes as he turns his head.

[Back to the Present]
Lee finishes dressing in Shevon's quarters as she lies on the bed. He notices some medication and Shavon explains that a friend got it for her. A little girl comes in from the other room. Lee greets her by the name of Paya. He and Shevon talk to her. She is Shevon's daughter. Lee tries to get her to give him a friendly shake, but she just silently clutches her blanket. He says he has an surprise for her. She comes over and he pulls a one-eyed doll out of a bag. Paya runs off. He apologizes and says that he's never been great with kids. He says that he'll trade it for something else, but she says that it's okay. He tells her that he's not sure when he'll be able to come back. As Lee is about to leave, she says that she'll have to ask for an extra hundred because he spent the night. He gives her the money as Paya watches from the doorway of the next room.

On Pegasus, Fisk walks down a corridor and enters his quarters. He begins to unbutton his uniform, when he hears a lighter opening behind him. He turns around and indicates no surprise. As he has a smug look on his face, another man comes from behind him and starts to choke him with a garrote. Phelan is revealed to be the man that Fisk was speaking to as he calmly smokes while Fisk chokes.

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