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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Black Market" (#214):

Act 2:
Lee lays unconscious on the floor of Shevon's quarters on Cloud Nine.

[Lee's Flashback]
Lee lays in bed. Shevon lays next to him, stroking his hair. She asks if that's when he knew he loved her. Lee answers that he thought he loved her. Shevon points out that he hurt her.

[Lee's Flashback Within His Flashback]
The same shot from earlier is shown of a beautiful blonde smiling, presumably from on Caprica.

There is a closeup of the blonde, who begins to cry as she turns to walk away, leaving Lee standing there

[Back to Lee's Flashback]
Lee lays on the bed as Shevon strokes his hair.

[Back to the Present]
Lee wakes up on the floor of Shevon's quarters.

Lee calls over the wireless for a medic and a security team to L deck as he unbuttons his uniform and rubs his neck. The second man who attacked him can be seen dead on the floor with a bullet wound between the eyes.

Baltar enters Roslin's office on Colonial One. She's apparently just updated the white board where she tracks the fleet's population. She offers him some tea and he accepts. She pours it and says that she never knows where things stand between them and asks him why he "thinks that is." He says that he respects her and her office. Roslin says she's learned that Baltar was going to visit Fisk. He gives her the same line that he gave Lee about Fisk's concerns over her new trade policy. His Inner Six appears and tells Baltar that Roslin is afraid of him. Roslin says that she's grateful that he saved her life, but that she senses that he's uneasy about assuming the presidency. She encourages him to resign and return to his scientific work on Galactica. She calls it a second chance like the one he had just given her. He doesn't answer, but gets up and starts to leave. She halts him in his tracks by stating that "this is a one-time offer." Baltar says that he had never wanted the job of vice-president."until this very moment." He then leaves her office.

Security inspects the body in Shevon's quarters, noting that it was "one to the head." He asks if Lee did it, which Lee says he didn't. The security officer notices that the dead man has a garrote on his wrist. Lee asks about the whereabouts of Shevon and Paya and security answers that she's probably long gone. He moves to the door to leave, saying that he'll call a team down. When he opens the door, "Councilman" Zarek stands there. Zarek walks in as security leaves. He asks about Lee's wellbeing. Lee asks him what he's doing there. Zarek answers that he was on Cloud Nine at a Quorum meeting. Zarek walks around the room and makes a comment about the son of the "almighty Adama" being in the legalized prostitution wing of the ship. Lee asks about the black market. Zarek doesn't offer much aside from the obvious, and a pointed comment about Roslin considering it illegal. Lee says that Zarek and Fisk were "in it up to your necks." Zarek denies being involved, since he is a representative of the Astral Queen and thus needs to stay clean. Lee takes out Fisk's logs, which show that Fisk visited the Astral Queen three times in ten days. Zarek wants to know what Lee wants, to which Lee answers: ships and contact names. Zarek says that he has nothing for Lee. Zarek wants to know what Lee thinks of Fisk's visits. Lee posits that Fisk wanted a piece of Zarek's action to offer his protection. Zarek says that Lee and his father on hung on [his] past. Zarek says that Fisk's black market was already in business when he visited Zarek. Fisk knew that Admiral Adama would catch on to the unauthorized shipments eventually. He says that Fisk wanted him to assume the deliveries, which would insulate Fisk and Pegasus from repercussions. Zarek says he refused and points out that no more supply runs had been made to the Astral Queen since Fisk's last visit. Fisk was tried to starve him out. Lee wants to know why Zarek didn't bring the issue to the Quorum. Zarek says that Roslin is treating the black market as an "aberration" and makes a pointed comment about unreal expections of a "utopian fantasy" rising from the ashes of colonial society. Lee doesn't respond, and instead gets up and heads for the door. Zarek says that he heard what the security officer said. He says that "they" gave Lee Fisk's killer as a way out. Lee suddenly decides that Zarek does know something. Zarek claims to have heard rumors of a freighter called the Prometheus which has gone off the grid. He says that it's the center of the black market and the operation is run by an ex-military mercenary named Phelan. Zarek then offers up information about the Prometheus being the center of the black Lee smiles and then turns to leave. Just before Lee walks out, Zarek says that he hopes "she's worth it."

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