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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Black Market" (#214):

Act 4:
On the Prometheus, Lee holds the gun on Phelan. Phelan stands up. Lee says that Phelan is probably right himself, Lee, Fisk, everyone else and even the black market, but there have to be some limits and Phelan has crossed them. Phelan says that Lee won't shoot because he's not like him. Lee lowers the gun.

[Lee's Flashback]
The woman on Caprica closes her eyes with sadness.

[Back to the Present]
Lee raises the gun up again. Phelan starts to again say that Lee isn't going to shoot. Lee shoots him once. Phelan slumps down and the life goes out of him. Lee lowers the gun. Shevon turns and walks over to the bar. Lee tells the henchmen that "it's done." He says that they are still in business because the fleet needs them as much as they can wish that it doesn't. However, he says that there will be no more killings, no holding back of essential medicines and children are off-limits. He goes over to Shevon. She tells him to leave her alone. She says that she can't be what he wants her to be. He claims that he doesn't want her to be anything. Shevon says that she's not going to be a replacement for her. Lee again denies that is the case. Shevon points out what she does, which is serve as a replacement for men's needs. Shevon says that he was involved with a woman and she wanted to give him a child, but he pushed her away, then ran and didn't stop until it was too late.

[Lee's Flashback as Shevon speaks]
The blonde closes her eyes. She starts to get upset and moves off. Lee turns to watch her run to some steps. He runs after her, but stops at the railing. From there, he watches her run all the way down several sets of stars then across the plaza below. She stops at the far side of it and starts to turn back and look up.

The Cylons bomb Caprica.

[Back to the Present]
Lee is speechless. Shevon again says that she is not "her" and Paya "is not and never will be" his child. She walks away.

Lee makes his report to Roslin in her office on Colonial One. He says that the investigation into Fisk's murder has been completed and the crew of the Pegasus has accepted the findings. She is not happy about the Prometheus . Lee promises that they will "keep an eye on it." Roslin doesn't like choosing to allow a criminal element to exist within the fleet. Admiral Adama says that it's Lee's ballgame and he's backing Lee's play. Lee says that he supports her trade regulations, but that the system will not be perfect. His way allows them to have names and locations and thus the ability to monitor the situation. Roslin abruptly dismisses them.

Zarek walks the black market corridors of the Prometheus with one of the henchmen that Lee left in charge of the black market.

Billy and Dee are in the gym. She's doing sit-ups, while he keeps count. They kiss and flirt. Dee notices Lee and then gives her attention back to Billy.

Lee and Adama share a drink in his quarters. Admiral Adama observes that Roslin wasn't happy with them today. He then observes that Lee's been different since his accident with the Blackbird. He says he's trying to understand Lee. Lee says that they "all have been through a lot." He says that Lee should have told him about Shevon.

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