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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Black Market" (#214):

Act 3:
Lee flies in a Raptor.

[Lee's Flashback]
Lee floats in space as he watches the two battlestars fight the two basestars.

The blonde turns her head and starts to cry. This time Lee can be seen standing right in front of her. He says nothing as she looks back at him.

Seen from above, the blonde runs across a plaza before stopping near the edge of it.

[Back to the Present]
Lee pilots the Raptor.

Caption: Prometheus
The Raptor flies into the landing bay of the Prometheus.

Lee walks down a cramped corridor. A vendor offers him cigarettes. Lee brushes by the man. He continues down the corridor where various other wares are being offered. He spots a couple of Galactica crew, who have bought some wares. They wordlessly move past Lee as he watches them. He looks behind a curtain to find a man and a woman. A man offers a tray of antibiotics.

Lee turns down another corridor and sees a bunch of children locked away in a storeroom. He calls Paya. She comes over to the window and holds his finger. He tells her that he'll be back. He walks off, showing disgust.

Lee walks into a bar. He is immediately shadowed by a "heavy." He sees a woman propositioning a man at the bar. Lee looks around and finds Phelan. Phelan spots him and waves away the two girls that he was talking to. Phelan then sits in a corner booth as Lee is pushed closer to him and surrounded by several henchmen. Phelan says that his father was in the service, like Lee's father, and was strict. Phelan says that his father's duty and honor didn't matter when the Cylons attacked. Lee asks if Shevon is dead. Phelan says that she's one of his best. Lee is surprised that she is one of Phelan's. Just then, she is brought in by yet another henchman. Phelan says a good "escort" also knows when to listen and when to call for help. She says she had to do it as she sports a bruise from where she was struck in the face. Phelan tells Lee not to blame her. He says that Lee is alive because he was able to "see him through her eyes" and he believes that Lee is "reasonable." Lee asks, "Like Fisk?" Phelan calls Fisk a "pig" who was trying to renegotiate. Lee says, "So you killed him." Phelan says "no" and that he gave Lee the killer, the murder weapon and fingerprints, which was everything Lee needed to close the investigation. Phelan says that in spite of what President Roslin thinks, the fleet needs "us." He says that they fill the gap when rationing is too tight or a ship arrives too late. As Lee flashes back to finding the antibiotics in Shevon's quarters, Phelan says that she needed them and knew where to go. He says that without "us," the fleet would tear itself apart because it would have nowhere to turn. Lee asks about the children and how they could be helping the fleet. Phelan answers that everyone has needs: cigars and liquor for some, Shevon for Lee and others are."more demanding." Phelan says there isn't much moral high ground when "you're all standing in the mud." Phelan says that he isn't his father and he thinks that Lee isn't like his. Lee takes a step forward toward Phelan and one of the henchmen pulls out his gun. Lee then sits down facing the henchman. He turns his head and tells Phelan that he came alone, but Galactica tracked him. He says that all Galactica needs is an excuse to destroy the Prometheus . Lee offers Phelan a deal: he wants Shevon, Paya and the operation shut down in exchange for living. Phelan declines, saying that, "the girl's been paid for." Shevon starts crying. Lee walks over to the henchman holding the gun and stands so that the gun is in his chest. Phelan tells his henchman to wait. Shevon pleads for Lee not to do that. Lee holds the guy's arm and eggs him on to "do it." Phelan says that he made a "fair offer." Lee suddenly strikes the henchman in the throat, grabs the gun and points it at Phelan. Lee says that he made a fair offer as well.

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