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"Black Market" (#214):

This summary was written during the episode's first airing, so be prepared for some omissions and incorrect details as a result.

Previously (Recap):

Sharon 's pregnancy shows.

Baltar finds a cure for Roslin in Sharon 's baby's blood.

Roslin remembers seeing Baltar with Six.

Roslin worried about the fleet's food rations.

Lee and Dee flirt during the self-defense class.

Lee takes out the Resurrection Ship FTL drive, crashes, nearly dies and is revived.

Lee tells Kara that he didn't want to come back.

Lee holds a gun on Phelan.

Caption: Cloud 9: 48 hours earlier .
Lee and a woman have small talk in bed.

Roslin stands up and tells everyone not to stand. Fisk, Adama and Baltar are there in her office on Colonial One. Roslin is concerned about the scarcity of supplies. Fisk is flippant about it. Roslin is instituting a fleet-wide trade policy. Fisk offers Pegasus' services. Adama says that his people will take care of it.

Fisk and Baltar chat. Fisk is flippant about Roslin's new regs and her authority. Baltar comments that her recovery has invigorated her. Fisk then asks if Baltar got the cigars that he sent over. Baltar says he even enjoyed them.

Lee finishes dressing in the woman's quarters. He notices some medication and Shavon explains that a friend got it for her. A little girl comes in from the other room. Lee tries to give her a doll, but the girl runs away. As Lee is about to leave, she says that she'll have to ask for an extra hundred because he spent the night.

Fisk enters his quarters on Pegasus. He hears something behind him and it's Phelan, who is smoking a cigar. Fisk seems unworried about seeing him. As he looks at Phelan, another man comes from behind him and starts to choke him with a garrote.

Act 1:
Racetrack and Lee return to Galactica in the Raptor. Lee flashes back to his near death in the blackbird. He also flashes back to some memories of a woman on Caprica.

Doctor Cottle, Adama and Tigh are in Galactica sickbay. Fisk is dead on the table. Cottle guesses he was garroted and pulls a cubit from out of his mouth. Tigh and Adama leave.

In Adama's quarters on Galactica, he tells Lee about Fisk. He asks Lee to lead the investigation because he needs someone he can trust. Lee observes that was once in short supply. Adama says that they are better for it and he needs Lee's help.

On Pegasus, Lee walks down the corridor, talks to the guards and then enters Fisk's quarters. He notices blood on the coffee table. He find cigars and jewelry in Fisk's closet. He taks a bracelet and puts it in his pocket. Lee hears something outside. Baltar wants in because he's the Vice-President. Lee opens the door and Baltar says he didn't know that Baltar was invited. Lee shows him in and Baltar wants to know what happened. Lee says that Fisk is dead. Lee asks if the cigars are his brand. Inner Six appears and gets Baltar to buck up. Baltar explains that he was there to discuss Roslin's trade regulations and that he has an alibi. Lee leaves.

On Galactica 's hangar deck, Lee explains to Adama and Tigh that Fisk was rerouting shipments and obviously got greedy with the black market.

Lee talks with Shevon's about Paya's cough. He says that he'll get some medicine for Paya's cough. Shevon points out that everyone is desperate and that there are more working girls.

Lee goes to Tigh's quarters. He shows Tigh the bracelet and says that Ellen lost it a couple of weeks ago.

Shevon says that Paya is burning up from fever.

Lee notices the fresh fruit in Tigh's quarters. He says he'll go find Ellen. Tigh says that he traded the bracelet to Fisk for some necessities.

Lee gives Shevon some cash.

Lee works out some aggression. Dee walks in and wants to know why Lee missed the class. He said he's been busy. She then comes out and asks where things are going between them. Lee doesn't know what to say. Dee leaves.

Lee gets a phone call from Cloud 9 . He answers it.

Lee arrives in Shevon's quarters. She's been beat up. She says that they know about him and they wanted to know what they talk about. He says that he's taking her and Paya back to Galactica. She wants to know what he's going to say about them and he says that he knows that "it is what it is." Just then someone bursts in. Lee fights him off, but a second man joins in. The garrote is used. Lee is choking, but not dying. Phelan comes in and tells Lee to drop the Fisk investigation or he'll kill Shevon and then Paya. He then kicks Lee, knocking him unconscious.

Act 2:
Shevon asks about another woman. Lee says that he thought he loved her. Shevon observes that he still hurt her.

Lee wakes up in Shevon's quarters. He calls over the wireless for a security team.

Baltar enters Roslin's office on Colonial One. She offers him some tea. She pours it and says that she never knows where things stand between them. He says that he respects her and her office. Roslin says that Lee told her that Baltar was going to visit Fisk. He gives her the same line that he gave Lee. His Inner Six appears sometime during this. Roslin says that she knows he's uneasy about assuming the presidency and encourages him to resign and return to his scientific work. Baltar says that he wants the job of vice-president now more than ever.

Security inspects the body in Shevon's quarters. The man was killed with a bullet to the head and has a garrote. Zarek then walks in. He says that he was on Cloud 9 at a Quorum meeting. Zarek comments about Lee being in the prostitution wing. Lee asks about the black market. He points out that Fisk went to the Astral Queen several times. Zarek explains that Fisk wanted him to run interference for his black market operations to shield him from Adama. Zarek says he refused and points out that no more supply runs had been made to the Astral Queen since then. Fisk was tried to starve him out. Zarek realizes that the dead body is a way out for Lee to explain away Fisk's death. Zarek then offers up information about the Prometheus being the center of the black market and the operation is run by Phelan. As Zarek leaves, he comments that he hopes "she's worth it."

Act 3:
Lee flies a Raptor.

Lee talks with a woman on Caprica. She's showing [she's pregnant].

Lee walks a corridor on the Prometheus that is a market. He walks down a corridor and spots Paya locked away in a storeroom. He tells her that he'll be back.

Lee walks into a bar. He looks around and finds Phelan. Some henchmen come up behind him. Phelan says that his father was in the service, like Lee's father. Lee asks about Shevon. Phelan says that she's one of his best. She says she had to do it. Phelan leveraged her need for antibiotics. Lee asks about the children and Phelan says that some people have needs. Phelan says that he isn't his father and neither is Lee. Lee sits down and says that although he came alone, Galactica tracked him. He tells Phelan that he wants Shevon, Paya and for Phelan to shut his operation down and they all live. Phelan says, "the girl's been paid for." Shevon starts crying. Lee walks over to the henchman holding the gun and tells him to do it. Phelan tells him to wait. Lee disarms the henchman and points the gun at Phelan. Phelan says he made a fair offer and Lee says that he did too.

Act 4:
On the Prometheus , Lee says that Phelan is probably right about the black market, but that even it has limits and Phlan crossed it. Phelan says that lee won't shoot.

The woman on Caprica walks away.

Phelan doesn't think Lee's going to shoot. Lee shoots him. Shevon turns away. Lee tells the henchmen that they are still in business because the fleet needs them. However, he says that there will be no more killings, no holding back of essential medicines and the children are off-limits. He goes over to Shevon. She tells him to leave her alone. She says that she's not going to be a replacement for her. Apparently, Lee had a relationship on Caprica with a woman. She got pregnant, but he wasn't ready and ran until it was too late [because of the Cylon attacks]. Shevon says that she won't be a replacement and Paya will never be his child. She walks away.

Lee makes his report to Roslin in her office on Colonial One. She is not happy about the Prometheus. Lee says that he supports her trade regulations, but that the system will not be perfect. Commander Adama backs up Lee.

Billy and Dee are in the gym. They kiss and flirt. Dee notices Lee and then gives her attention back to Lee.

Zarek walks the black market corridors of the Prometheus .

Lee and Adama share a drink in his quarters. Commander Adama observes that Lee's been different since his accident with the Blackbird. He says he's trying to understand Lee. He says that Lee should have told him about Shevon.

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