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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Black Market" (#214):

Lee's Flashbacks:

[Lee's Flashback]
There is a dreamy shot of a beautiful blonde smiling.

Lee wears civilian clothes as he turns his head.

Act 1:
[Lee's Flashback]
The Blackbird collides with another ship and is heavily damaged.

Lee floats in space as a Viper chases a Cylon Raider right past him.

Lee watches the two battlestars inflict heavy damage on one of the Cylon basestars.

There is a closeup of the blonde's eyes on a sunny day presumably on Caprica.

There is another closeup of the blonde from the shoulders up as she smiles presumably at him.

Next is a view of a Caprica plaza from above.

The blonde runs to a spot on the plaza and comes to a stop in another shot of the plaza from above, but slightly closer in.

Lee is revived on the floor of the Raptor.

[Lee's Flashback]
Lee sits on Shevon's bed. Shevon ties her robe as she walks over and sits down next to Lee. She tells him that she's worried because Paya's cough keeps getting worse. He says that he'll bring some medicine the next time he comes back. Shevon says that he may not be back for weeks if there is another Cylon attack. Shevon says that she's been hearing about shortages on other ships and that people are desperate for food and medicine. She points out that there are more working girls. She says that when "you're baby's hungry, you'll do anything to make it stop." Lee can't think of anything to say, so he just pulls her into an embrace, which is interrupted by Paya calling for her mother. She gets up and heads into the other room as Lee continues to sit there.

[Lee's Flashback]
Paya lies in her bed coughing. Shevon says that Paya is burning up with fever. Lee asks what the infirmary told her. She says that all the antibiotics had already been rationed out and they might have something by the end of the week.

[Lee's Flashback]
Flashback goes back to the original sequence after Lee had tried to give Paya the doll, because Shevon holds it as he gives her some cash.

Act 2:
[Lee's Flashback]
Lee lays in bed. Shevon lays next to him, stroking his hair. She asks if that's when he knew he loved her. Lee answers that he thought he loved her. Shevon points out that he hurt her.

[Lee's Flashback Within His Flashback]
The same shot from earlier is shown of a beautiful blonde smiling, presumably from on Caprica.

There is a closeup of the blonde, who begins to cry as she turns to walk away, leaving Lee standing there

[Back to Lee's Flashback]
Lee lays on the bed as Shevon strokes his hair.

Act 3:
[Lee's Flashback]
Lee floats in space as he watches the two battlestars fight the two basestars.

The blonde turns her head and starts to cry. This time Lee can be seen standing right in front of her. He says nothing as she looks back at him.

Seen from above, the blonde runs across a plaza before stopping near the edge of it.

Act 4:
[Lee's Flashback]
The woman on Caprica closes her eyes with sadness.

[Lee's Flashback as Shevon speaks]
The blonde closes her eyes. She starts to get upset and moves off. Lee turns to watch her run to some steps. He runs after her, but stops at the railing. From there, he watches her run all the way down several sets of stars then across the plaza below. She stops at the far side of it and starts to turn back and look up.

The Cylons bomb Caprica.

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