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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries
"Black Market" (#214):

  • Phelan was formerly a military mercenary.
  • Phelan's father was career military like Adama.
  • Lee was involved with a woman on Caprica. She was ready to commit to him and wanted him to father her child. Lee wasn't ready for that and pushed her away. He has felt guilty about it since the Cylon attacks.

  • 49,597 survivors
  • Neither Kara nor Sharon appears in this episode.
  • Shevon's quarters on Cloud Nine are on L deck.

Ships in the episode:
  • Galactica
  • Pegasus
  • Cloud Nine
  • Prometheus - a freighter that has become the center of the black market within the fleet.
  • Raptor
  • Viper (in Lee's flashback)
  • Blackbird (in Lee's flashback)
  • Cylon Raider (in Lee's flashback)
  • Lee mentions the McConnell (sp?) as a ship of unstated configuration in the fleet.
  • Zarek and Lee refer to the Astral Queen, which was the former prison ship and Zarek now represents [leads].

Unanswered Questions:
  • How long has Lee been "visiting" Shevon on Cloud Nine ?
  • How long has Fisk been involved with Phelan to let his guard down when the man appears unannounced in his personal quarters?
  • How were Phelan and his assassin able to not only gain access to the Pegasus, but even to the Pegasus ' commander's personal quarters?
  • Why did Phelan have Fisk killed?
  • What was Fisk hoping to gain by winning over Baltar, who has been a mostly powerless Vice-President, in the wake of Roslin's recovery?
  • Was Tigh covering for his wife when he claimed to make the trade with Fisk? Or was he the one who was dealing with Fisk?
  • What will happen between Roslin and Baltar now that she has indicated her complete distrust of him and opened a expanse between them?
  • How did Zarek turn up at the right time on Cloud Nine?
  • How involved was Zarek in the black market before Phelan was eliminated?
  • Was Zarek a rival of Fisk's?
  • If Zarek was involved in the black market, was he a partner or a rival of Phelan's
  • Now that he appears to have filled the power vacuum of left by Phelan's removal, how much behind-the-scenes power will Zarek have within the fleet?
  • How long before the Cylon attacks did Lee break off his relationship with the blonde?
  • Was Lee considering reconciliation when the attacks occurred?
  • In spite of Lee's confidence in knowing the goings-on, does he know about Zarek's presence on the Prometheus?

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