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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Act 1:
Ellen sits at the bar in Cloud 9 lounge. Two of the men that exchanged looks with Sesha sit next to Ellen Lee comes up to the corner of the bar, orders "two more" and sits next to her opposite the two men. Once Lee realizes that Ellen is next to him, he greets her. As they begin to talk, the two men look at one another and one gets up.

One of the men moves through the lounge closer to Sesha's position.

The third man takes notice from his seat elsewhere.

Dee sits alone. Billy appears over her shoulder and greets her. Dee is clearly surprised to see him and is uncomfortable. He comments that he didn't know that she was going to be there. She tells him that she was grabbing some R & R. He says that he's on business.

Lee walks up with the drinks and sees that it's Billy. Billy greets "Captain Adama" and then it dawns on him that Dee and Lee are there together. Dee starts to say something and asks Lee to give them some time. Lee starts to move off, but Billy tells him to have a seat. Lee looks at Dee and turns and heads back to the bar.

Ellen still sits at the bar as Lee returns with both drinks. Ellen turns around and notices Billy.

Billy says that he thought that they were at least honest with each other and yet she allowed him to propose to her yesterday even though she was planning to come to Cloud 9 . He admits that maybe giving her the ring was "stupid" and that things might not have worked out between, but that she should have told him about her and Lee.

Lee and Ellen talk. She says that it's hard to choose the people to love and to love one person at a time. As she talks, Lee watches Sesha. Ellen says that "people like us are more complicated." Lee wonders about the "us."

Dee can only muster a weak "I'm sorry" for Billy. He responds that he is "here with friends" and walks off.

Lee assumes that Ellen is a regular in the lounge, which Ellen confirms. He then asks if Ellen recognizes Sesha. She says she doesn't and then Lee notices the pistol tucked in Sesha's waist. He tells Ellen that "the bathroom's over here." Ellen is initially surprised and then she starts smiling with delight. She grabs her drink and moves toward the bathroom hand-in-hand with Lee.

Sesha's accomplices lumber around at various locations in the lounge, while Dee can be glimpsed looking toward the bathroom.

Lee and Ellen go into the bathroom. He immediately motions for Ellen to be quiet. He then opens up the door a crack and peeks out at the bar.

One of the men says its time and asks Sesha if she's in.

The second man nervously sits and then takes a long drink.

Sesha answers "yes." He tells her that they are with her and moves off. Sesha then looks at the second man and nods.

The second man puts his drink down and heads toward her and the entrance. Behind him, Dee looks to be looking back and forth at something (Sesha and her men?). He walks over to the alarm. Sesha tells him to "do it." He engages the blast doors as she pulls her gun and fires into the ceiling. Everyone in the lounge instinctively gets down. Sesha and her men order everyone to move by the bar.

In the bathroom, Lee observes that there are three men and one woman that are all armed.

On Galactica, Sharon asks Admiral Adama if the fleet knows she's there. Adama ignores her questions and says that he wants to know about navigational weaknesses and possible ambush locations. Sharon tells him to avoid pulsar pointers because of the draedis interference. She continues and says that the Cylons adapt to the fleet's tactics. She then wants him to ask her question concerning whether the fleet knows about her. He is silent. Sharon feels the baby kicking and Adama finally answers that the fleet knows. He then says that they are done. Sharon is cuffed and escorted out of Adama's quarters as Tigh walks in. He thinks the fleet would be scared if they knew how much Adama relied on Sharon 's "so-called" intelligence. Adama asks if Tigh is afraid of her. Tigh says that he doesn't like "how it's gotten under [Adama's] skin."

Lee watches Sesha from the bathroom.

Lee closes the door and then starts checking through the bathroom. He opens a service hatch and starts figuring out a way to get the hostage takers to open the pressure doors which would allow an assault team to close in. He wants Ellen's drink because of the dry ice. Ellen then leaves the bathroom even though Lee calls after her.

Ellen walks out into the lounge and says that she's Ellen Tigh. She's moved over by Dee and Billy. Sesha announces that they are not criminals, but just other members of the fleet. Ellen tells Sesha that she's the wife of the Galactica 's XO and that Sesha's just made the "biggest mistake" of her life.

In Galactica CIC, Adama and Tigh pick up the wireless and Ellen tells Saul that she's being held hostage and that "they are threatening to kill us." Sesha comes on the line and says she has seized the Cloud 9 lounge. Tigh asks her what she wants. She flashes back to her husband's death and says that it's not about what she wants. She states that the fleet has become Cylon-occupied territory. She accuses Adama of working with a Cylon agent, which happens to be the very same model that tried to kill him. She demands that Adama hand over Sharon within two hours. She hangs up.

Adama orders Lieutenant Gaeta find out everything he can about Sesha Abinell.

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