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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Act 2:
Gaeta reports that Sesha's husband died during a Cylon attack on the Greenleaf "about ten weeks ago." Gaeta says that Lee, a half a squad of Marines and Starbuck are on Cloud 9. Adama orders Starbuck be reached on the wireless.

In the service access, Lee locates a CO2 sensor. He tries to use the dry ice in the drink to trigger the sensor.

One of Sesha's men (Vinson) realizes that one man is missing. He tells one of the other men to check in the back. The other man nervously points out that there seem to be a number of military types amongst the hostages. The first man says that that's what they wanted in order to get Galactica's attention. The second man looks like he's about to breakdown. Vinson tells the third man, Page, to go.

Lee notices Page heading for the bathroom. He leaves the drink by the sensor which is slowly rising and moves back down the service access.

Sesha and Vinson hold the hostages under armed guard.

Billy tensely looks on.

Page enters the bathroom. He checks the stalls. Lee drops him and disarms him.

Elsewhere on Cloud 9, Starbuck greets Gunny and his the Marines. They all had been onboard on R & R. She briefs them that they have an unknown number of shooters, at least twenty hostages and ninety minutes until the deadline. Gunny asks if she has a plan. She says they'll "lock and load" and figure out the rest as they go.

Sesha seems to be paying special attention to Dee, who looks away.

Page walks out of the bathroom with his hands up and Lee holding his gun to his back. Vinson wants him to drop the gun. Lee has Page tell them that he's Captain Adama of the Galactica and wants to talk. Sesha says nothing, but notices Dee 's intense look at Lee and remembers that they were together. Sesha orders the other man to point the gun on Dee . She tells Lee to give it up or Dee dies. Lee says that if she dies, Page will too. Sesha says that Lee won't shoot, but Vinson will. She says that he'll shoot Dee . Lee gives up the gun. Page takes it back and then gives him an elbow to the gut. Sesha looks down at Lee and says that "we all have someone that we care about." Sesha believes that Adama won't pick his son over a Cylon. Lee moves over by the bar near Dee and Billy. The CO2 sensor then goes off. Vinson shuts the alarm off and reports that CO2 levels are high. He thinks that they are being suffocated. Sesha wants to know if it's a trap. Lee bluffs and says that there are reasons why not to start shooting on a spaceship and that they probably "nicked a line." He then asks her to let him talk to Adama to see if they can all get out.

On the wireless in Galactica CIC to her staging position on Cloud 9, Adama tells Starbuck that two strike teams will arrive in ten minutes.

In the midst of his conversation, Adama receives word that Sesha has called. He wants Starbuck to stay on the line. He motions for Tigh to pick up.

Sesha tells Adama that they are losing oxygen. She wants the supply restored or she'll kill all the hostages. Adama answers that it'll be over then. She says that it's not over until the Cylon is dead. She says that she's willing to die to see that it happens and asks if Adama is willing to risk Lee's life. Adama says nothing

Kara, who has been listening, utters a curse.

Sesha says that now he's listening. Ellen loses her composure and pleads for them to give Sesha the Cylon.

Sesha says that Adama has no support. Adama says that he's not going to give up a military asset to appease her need for revenge. Sesha wants to know what he's talking about. He says that this isn't about Cylon spies, but rather her need to strike back for the death of her husband. He says that everyone has lost someone they cared about, but they've learned to live with it. She says that she has irrefutable evidence that a Cylon agent gained access to the Ministry of Defense just prior to the Cylon attacks. Adama responds that complicated answers are looked for when something tragic happens. H posits that they were just surprised and beaten by the Cylons and just need to learn to live with it. Sesha, starting to cry, says that he doesn't get it. She says that the military was infiltrated then and being infiltrated now. She accuses Adama of pretending to know what he's doing when he really doesn't. She says that he's being played and that the rest of the fleet doesn't want to "go down" with Galactica. She then reiterates that she wants the air supply fixed immediately. She wants one person to come in, fix it and leave. If something goes wrong and people are hurt, it'll be on his head. She then hangs up.

In Galactica CIC, Adama hangs up the wireless. He orders that a direct line to Cloud 9 be left open. Tigh wants to know what they are going to do. Adama says that they'll repair the air system.

In the Cloud 9 lounge, there is nervous silence.

In Galactica CIC, Adama tells Tigh that they can't give Sharon to Sesha. Tigh realizes that they can't negotiate with terrorists because if they do it once, it'll happen again and again. Tigh then reminds Adama that it's not Sharon, but a Cylon. Adama says that he knows that. Tigh counters that he thinks that part of Adama that looks at "it" and still remembers the rookie pilot named Sharon that reported aboard two years ago. He tells Adama that that never really was and "it's" a machine. They are interrupted by a call on the wireless from Kara.

Starbuck reports that a tech found nothing wrong with the air supply in the lounge. She guesses that someone might have messed with one of the CO2 sensors. Adama guesses that Lee might have and wonders why. She guesses that he's giving them an opening. Adama wants someone to go in on a recon mission, access the situation and quickly leave.

At her staging area on Cloud 9, a tech walks up and says he's there to repair the O2 line. Kara looks him over, takes his hat off and puts it on. Gunny asks her what she is doing. She says she's volunteering. She then asks for his toolbox.

From inside the lounge, knocking is heard. Sesha points her gun at the hatch. Vinson moves in closers to cover the hatch and Page opens it. Kara enters the lounge and Sesha orders that she be searched. As Page starts to close the hatch, Kara says that they are running out of air. Vinson stops halts the hatch closing at about half way. He then gets on one knee and covers the hatch opening. In the meantime, Sesha covers Kara as Page pats Kara down and checks her toolbox. He says it's clean and Sesha tells her to make the repairs. Kara gets her toolbox and moves toward the back of the lounge. Ellen shows a flash of recognition and Vinson notices. He wants her to turn around. He cocks his gun and wants Page to recheck the box. Kara opens the toolbox, opens a hidden compartment, pulls out two pistols, turns around and starts firing. She hits Page, who goes down. The Marines come in through the half-open hatch. Gunny looks to make it in before Vinson sprays the entrance hitting most of Marines. Lee makes a move and finds himself in the line of fire between Vinson and Kara. She shoots him While Vinson reloads, Gunny runs over to Kara and says that they have to clear out now. He pulls her up and she sluggishly moves as she looks at Lee falling back wounded. Vinson sprays shots that strike Gunny in the legs. Sesha hits the release for the hatch, but he and Kara make it out before the hatch slams shut.

Lee lays on the floor in shock. Dee gets up and runs to him.

Sesha checks on Page, who looks to have been shot in the head and is dead.

Dee calls for Billy to get shirts and towels to try to bandage Lee's wound. Billy gets up and Vinson says that he wasn't told he could move. Billy says that if Lee dies, then they won't get the Cylon. Sesha tells Vinson to let Billy go.

In Galactica CIC, Tigh paces. A wireless call comes in. It's Starbuck. Adama and Tigh pick up. Adama asks about reports of shots fired.

Kara reports that her cover was blown. She says that two Marines are down, probably dead. Behind her, Gunny's painful leg wounds are being bandaged. She continues and says that one of the gunmen is down along with Lee. Adama orders her to stand down and hold her position. Kara then adds that Lee was hit by friendly fire and that it might have been her.

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