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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

  • Sesha's husband was killed during a attack on the Greenleaf by Cylon Raiders ten weeks before the events of this episode.

  • Sharon tells Adama that the Cylons adapt to the tactics of the fleet.

[Sesha's Flashback]
Sesha's husband runs down a corridor as there is an explosion behind him.

[Sesha's Flashback Con't]
Cylon Raiders close in and strafe what looks to be a passenger liner.

[Sesha's Flashback Con't]
Inside the ship, Sesha's husband appears to be in the very corridor that is taking the brunt the damage. He dives to the floor.

[Sesha's Flashback Con't]
Sesha's husband holds on as the corridor is depressurized. He starts to loose his grip and then is sucked out into space.

  • 49, 590 survivors
  • A "sleek" black and gray wheel wireless computer mouse can be seen in Sesha's quarters although her terminal looks a bit older.
  • After we've already seen those entries being made on her terminal, Sesha can then be heard muttering "Cylon Impregnation and Reproduction," "Multiple Models," "Suicide Bombings" and "Assault on Natural Resources" as she continues typing.
  • Plastic explosive, commonly known as C4, here is apparently known as G4 in the Twelve Colonies
  • Baltar and Six (any model) do not appear in this episode.
  • Petty Officer Sian serves in Dee 's position in CIC in this episode.
  • Billy's exit from the show is not surprising. It had been building during most of the season. In between seasons, Paul Campbell (Billy) filmed a pilot. If it had been picked up, he would have left after the fourth episode. However, the pilot was not picked up and he was back for the seventh episode. Paul was asked to sign a contract and in the meantime, the writers did little with his characters. He was finally given an ultimatum. When he wouldn't commit to a long stay on the show, it was decided that Billy would be killed off.

Ships in the episode:
  • Greenleaf (seen only in flashback)
  • Cloud 9
  • Galactica
  • Raptor

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