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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Sesha types up an entry on the Cylon M.O. while her room can be seen filled with articles on the Cylons in general and Sharon especially. She finishes typing and looks at a picture of her and her husband

[Sesha's Flashback]
Sesha's husband runs down a corridor as there is an explosion behind him.

[Sesha's Flashback Con't]
Cylon Raiders close in and strafe what looks to be a passenger liner.

[Sesha's Flashback Con't]
Inside the ship, Sesha's husband appears to be in the very corridor that is taking the brunt the damage. He dives to the floor.

[Back to the Present]
Sesha continues to gaze at the photo.

[Sesha's Flashback Con't]
Sesha's husband holds on as the corridor is depressurized. He starts to loose his grip and then is sucked out into space.

[Back to the Present]
Sesha stops looking at the photo and types a little more.

Sesha looks around her quarters and focuses on a picture of Sharon.

The shot closes in on a Post-it note next to a photo that states that it's a recent photo of a 2 nd Sharon.

Adama, Billy and Roslin listen to a news broadcast that states that Galactica is harboring a Cylon agent and has an eyewitness account of a known Cylon model moving in and out of the Galactica brig. The reporter then adds that Admiral Adama has made no comment. Billy then turns off the wireless broadcast. Adama wants to know how Sharon 's presence got out to the press. Roslin states that she is actually surprised that it didn't happen sooner since he's been meeting with her and she's been interacting with his crew. Adama says that she is a military asset that is providing valuable intelligence. Billy then adds that they hope that she's not continuing to collude with other Cylons. Adama says that if he felt she were a thread, he'd kill her himself. Billy says "that the fleet might need to hear that." Roslin and Adama both look surprised at Billy's outspokenness. He adds, a bit less forcefully, that they need to believe it.

In a Galactica corridor, Billy and Roslin walk and talk. She comments about his out-of-character outspokenness. He wonders where it came from. Roslin says that allowing Sharon to live and continue her pregnancy is uncharted territory and "somebody needs to be asking the hard questions." She says she wants to acknowledge her existence and make up a case for why Sharon should remain onboard Galactica. He disagrees and thinks that they should "trust the people." He says that they should tell the press the truth that since they know so little about the Cylons, they won't get rid of the one source that they do have. She looks at him and says it's that simple. He shrugs as he realizes that he's oversimplified it. He then spots Dee walking the opposite direction down the corridor. He asks Roslin if he can have a moment. She ascents.

In sleeping quarters on Galactica, Billy slips his old debate team ring onto Dee 's finger. She starts to say something, but he keeps talking. He says that he loves her and that he knows he surprised her with it and that they can take their time. She says that she can't marry him. She apologizes, gives him back his ring and leaves. He puts the ring back in his pocket.

(Caption: Cloud 9)
In the lounge, Dee tells Lee about Billy's proposal. She says she was in shock and could barely say anything. Lee suggests that she is regretting not saying yes, but she answers "no." She says that she doesn't know "what to make of" her and Billy other than that she can't marry him. She then says that she isn't sure what to make her and Lee. They are dressed in civilian clothes, sitting in a bar, apparently on a date together.

Ellen walks into the lounge and bumps into Sesha, who wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Ellen snidely says "excuse me" and continues on. Sesha watches Ellen make her way to the bar.

Sesha makes eye contact with three men sitting at different locations in the lounge. It's then revealed that she's armed with a pistol.

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