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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Act 4:
A Raptor enters the Cloud 9 landing bay.

Armed Marines escort a body (presumably Sharon's) and Admiral Adama onto Cloud 9 . As they pass Starbuck's staging position, she asks to help, but Adama says that he'll take it from there.

Dee tells Billy to stop watching the third man. She knows he's thinking he can get his gun. He says that he's only considering it if something happens. She tells him that he's not a soldier and not trained for that. She adds that he has nothing to prove. He says that he knows. He then continues watching the man and Dee notices, but says nothing.

Vinson is on the wireless. He tells Sesha that they are right outside and that they'll give them the body when they open the door. Sesha agrees. Vinson tells them that they'll open the door, but if anything goes wrong, he'll start killing hostages. He hangs up and hits the door release. The door opens and two men wheel the body in.

Billy stands up, while Dee continues to tend to Lee.

Sesha pulls the sheet back to reveal Sharon 's pale face. The remnants of a wound can be seen on Sharon 's left cheek. Sesha's rage builds up and she puts two bullets into Sharon 's body. Her emotions released, Sesha says that it's over. Vinson stops her because he thinks something is up.

Billy closes up behind the third man.

Dee is upset, but silent.

Marines take position outside the lounge.

Vinson pulls the sheet down further and notices the autopsy scars across her scars. He realizes that she's been dead for weeks.

Marines move in down a darken cooridor.

Vinson says that their Sharon is still alive. Sesha's rage returns and she tells him to kill Dee . He begins to turn.

Marines run down a stairway.

Vinson moves toward Dee .

Dee looks up.

Marines move away from the stairs.

Billy grabs the gun from the third man's waist, pushes him out of the way and fires at Vinson.

Vinson is hit and returns fire.

Billy is hit and he and Vinson both fall.

The third man raises his gun.

Marines rush in. One puts a single shot into the third man.

Sesha turns to fire.

The second Marines fires.

Sesha is hit by two shots.

Billy hits the floor.

The third man is down. A Marine closes on him and checks his vitals. He calls for a report. Two other Marines report indicate that Vinson and Sesha are down. He gives the "All Clear."

Dee gets up and calls for help.

Additional Marines escort Admiral Adama into the lounge. An ER team is called for.

Adama walks past Sesha's body sprawled across the first Sharon 's body.

Adama looks around the lounge. He spots Lee and calls for a medic. He leans over Lee and tries to yell him back to consciousness as the ER team moves in and begins working on Lee. Lee mumbles and Adama is encouraged.

Dee cries over Billy's body.

Ellen looks away.

Closeup of Billy's death stare.

In Galactica 's morgue, Adama stands over the body of Boomer ( Tyrol 's Sharon).

Roslin walks in.

Adama looks up.

Roslin looks at him and then to the right.

Billy's body lays there.

Roslin starts to lose her composure. She walks over to Adama. She asks if know if that is what he offered.

Adama says that it was a calculated risk.

Roslin says that it wasn't worth it.

Roslin walks over to Billy's body. She sits down and takes his hand. She starts to cry, She reaches out to steady herself as she breaks down.

Adama listens.

Roslin composes herself. She then fixes Billy's hair. She says that he was so young. She sobs again. She closes her eyes and tries to stop herself from crying again. She has to get up and leave.

In Galactica sickbay, Lee comes around and finds Dee by his bedside. He asks her what's wrong. She answers that they can talk when he's better. He drifts off and Dee doesn't want him to. She says he can't leave and that he has to stay. Starbuck stands in the background and after listening to Dee for a moment, she leaves. Dee says that she'll be there when he wakes up.

Sharon lies in her bed in her cell.

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