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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Unanswered Questions:
  • Who leaked Sharon 's presence to the press? And what was the motive, if any, for the leak?
  • What events coincide with the attack on the Greenleaf ten weeks prior to this episode? Was it an isolated raid that happened "off-screen?" Or was it part of the events when Pegasus first arrived and the attack on the Resurrection Ship?
  • What is Sesha's irrefutable evidence of a Cylon agent penetrating the Ministry of Defense? Is it a copy of the footage that Shelley Godfrey had?
  • How would the hostage situation have played out if Lee had not triggered the CO2 sensor, which increased Sesha's anxiety?
  • Will Adama learn that Kara all but disobeyed his order of undertaking a simple recon mission and turned it into a rescue mission that was a disaster? If he does, what will he do about it since Kara's rashness nearly got Lee killed?
  • Even though Sharon has saved the fleet several times, can she be trusted at all since she admits that she won't give up the other Cylons in the fleet?
  • If Sharon 's only goal is the survival of her baby, then why won't she reveal the other Cylons in the fleet?
  • If Sesha's husband was killed only ten weeks prior, how did she compile so much propaganda in so short a time?
  • Was Sesha already researching many of the theories before her husband's death?
  • Where does all the propaganda come from since some of it appears amazingly accurate?
  • Who were the other two men that helped Sesha? Are they part of an organization or just very loyal friends of Sesha and her husband?
  • How long will it take for Lee to recuperate (his survival is a foregone conclusion)?
  • How will Lee deal with Kara shooting him, even though it was accidental?
  • How long with Lee and Dee's "relationship" last?
  • Will Kara view Dee as a new rival? Or just a dalliance for Lee?
  • How is Roslin going to adjust to Billy's loss when he seemed to be her main support?
  • When will Ellen get what she deserves?
  • What was the meaning of the last scene of the episode? What was Sharon thinking about? Her baby? Her next "play?"

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