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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Act 3:
Billy has gotten some towels and Dee tries to stop Lee's wound from continuing bleed. She starts to cry because she's not able to stop the bleeding. Billy tells her that Lee will be okay. Billy eyes the third gunman, who has an extra pistol in his waist.

In the Galactica brig, Adama talks with Sharon via the phone to her cell. He wants to if she's playing them and him. She points out that she's saved the Galactica and him at least five or six times, but that he still can't believe that she's not playing them. He wants to know if she would give away the Cylons in the fleet and she says that she won't. He believes that answer and hangs up.

Vinson says Lee will be okay. Billy makes a crack about Sesha losing a husband and the world owing her an explanation. Vinson says that he was a good man and was his brother. Billy says that he lost his brother on Picon and that he was a good man.

In Galactica CIC, Roslin shows Adama and Tigh a manifesto that Sesha sent to the press before she took over the lounge. She describes it as a collection of conspiracy theories regarding Cylons in the military and the government. She says that it's getting a lot of attention in the fleet. She wants their people out quickly. She points out that Marines are on Cloud 9 . Adama says that the pressure door has been resealed. Tigh says that the amount of explosives needed to blow the door would probably kill everyone inside the lounge as well. Adama says that there is only one thing left. Roslin says that if they give into the terrorist demands and hand over Sharon , they will permanently weaken their own position. Tigh poses the question as to whether they might be right in that Sharon has been playing them all along. Roslin says that it's not about Sharon , but about how they handle this situation for the long term. Their debate is interrupted by a call from Abinell on the wireless. Adama answers. He asks how Lee is. She says he's alive, but her friend and two Marines are dead. She adds that Lee is dying. Sesha says that she really didn't know until right then how far she would be willing to go. She tells her accomplices to pick two. They pick Ellen and Billy. Ellen immediately starts screaming for Tigh to give them what they want.

Back in Galactica CIC, Tigh is worried that they are going to kill Ellen.

Adama tells Sesha to wait. He agrees to hand over Sharon 's body, because he's been convinced that they have been played. He says that Sesha can have Sharon , on his terms. He'll hand over her body in exchange for the hostages. Sesha agrees to the deal and hangs up.

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