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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

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Previously (Recap):
Billy and Dee kiss in a scene from the miniseries.

Billy and Dee flirt while she works out. She sees Lee out of the corner of her eye.

Dee and Lee practice self-defense.

Sharon reminds Adama of his speech at the Galactica decommissioning.

Sesha types up an entry on Cylons while her room can be seen filled with articles and pictures of Sharon . She looks at a picture of her and her husband.

Sesha's husband's ship is attacked by a Cylon Raider, which causes a hull breach. He is sucked out into space.

Adama, Billy and Roslin listen to a news broadcast concerning rumors of a second Sharon Cylon model being onboard the Galactica.

Billy and Roslin walk and talk through the Galactica corridor. They discuss how to handle the situation. He spots Dee and asks for a moment.

Billy gives Dee a debate team ring. He asks her to marry him. She says that she can't and gives him back his ring. She then walks off.

Caption: Cloud 9
Dee tells Lee about Billy's proposal. They are sitting in a bar, apparently on a date together.

Ellen walks into the bar, bumping into Sesha at the entrance.

Sesha nods an acknowledgement to three men sitting in different locations in the bar. She's armed.

Act 1:
Ellen sits at the bar on Cloud 9. Lee comes up and sits next to her without realizing it. He then greets her.

Billy sees Dee . He talks to her and then Lee walks up. Billy realizes that he and Dee were there together. Lee backs off and heads back to the bar. Billy riffs on Dee about not telling him about her and Lee.

Lee and Ellen talk. Lee asks if Ellen recognizes Sesha. She says she doesn't and then lee notices the pistol that she has. He asks her to go to the bathroom. Ellen thinks he's flirting with her again.

Lee and Ellen go into the bathroom. Lee motions for her to be quiet.

In the bar, Sesha and three men secure the bar.

Sharon and Adama talk. Sharon wants to know if the fleet knows about her. Adama wants to know tactical information. She says that the Cylons adapt to their tactics. Sharon feels the baby kicking and Adama finally answers that the fleet knows. Sharon is escorted out of Adama's quarters and Tigh talks in. He thinks the fleet would be worried if it knew how much Adama relied on Sharon 's intel.

Lee formulates a plan in the bathroom. He takes her drink. Ellen walks out and tells Sesha that she's the wife of the Galactica 's XO.

Adama and Tigh pick up the wireless and Ellen tells Saul that she's being held hostage. Sesha comes on the line and says that the fleet is Cylon-occupied territory. She demands that Adama hand over Sharon within two hours. Adama wants to know who Sesha is.

Act 2:
Gaeta gives information that Sesha's husband died. Gaeta says that Lee, a half a dozen Marines and Starbuck are on Cloud 9 .

Lee locates a CO2 sensor. He tries to use the dry ice in the drink to trigger the sensor.

One of the men with Sesha realizes that one man is missing. He goes into the bathroom.

Lee gets the drop on the man.

Starbuck greets the Marines on Cloud 9 and gives them a quick briefing on the situation.

Lee walks out of the bathroom with the gun on the man. He says that he's Captain Adama of the Galactica and wants to talk. Sesha orders the other man to point the gun on Dee . She says that he'll shoot Dee . Lee gives up the gun. Sesha believes that Adama won't pick his son over a Cylon. The CO2 sensor goes off.

Adama formulates a plan and passes orders to Starbuck.

Sesha gets on the wireless and talks with Adama. She threatens to kill all the hostages. Adama says that its about revenge for the death of her husband. She goes on a rant about the military having been infiltrated by Cylons.

Tigh reminds Adama that Sharon is a Cylon

Starbuck gets on the wireless and says that they can't find anything wrong with the CO2 line and they figure that Lee triggered the sensor. She then "volunteers" to go in on a recon mission.

Kara enters the bar. She's padded down and her toolbox is checked. Ellen shows a flash of recognition and one of Sesha's men notices. Kara grabs two guns and starts firing. The other Marines come in. In the gunfire, Lee gets hit in the crossfire by Kara. Kara is pulled out by one of the Marines before the door closes. One of Sesha's men has been killed. Dee calls for shirts and towels. Billy starts to get up and Sesha's man stops him. Billy says that if Lee dies, then they won't get the Cylon. Sesha tells him to let him go.

Kara gets on the wireless and reports to Adama, while Tigh listens in. Kara reports two Marines down and one of the gunmen down. She then reports that Lee was hit by friendly fire and that it might have been her.

Act 3:
Dee tries to stop Lee's wound from continuing bleed. She starts to cry and Billy tells her that Lee will be okay. Billy eyes the gunman.

Adama is in the brig on the phone with Sharon . He wants to if she's playing them. She points out how many times she's saved them. He wants to know if she would give away the Cylons in the fleet and she says that she won't. He hangs up.

The gunman asks if Lee will be okay. Billy makes a crack about Sesha losing a husband. The gunman says that he was his brother. Billy says that he lost his brother on Picon.

In Galactica CIC, Roslin, Adama and Tigh talk about what to do. She doesn't want to negotiate with terrorists. Tigh again says that it's just a Cylon. Sesha gets on the wireless and says that she will do whatever it takes. She pulls up Ellen who again gets all panicky. Adama tells her to wait. He agrees to hand over Sharon 's body, because he's been convinced that they have been played. Sesha agrees to the deal.

Act 4:
A Raptor flies over to Cloud 9.

Marines escort a body and Admiral Adama onto Cloud 9 . Starbuck wants to help, but Adama says that he'll take it from there.

Dee tells Billy to stop watching the man. He can't get the gun because he's not trained to do that.

The body is brought into the bar. Sesha puts two bullets into Sharon 's body. Sesha's brother-in-law notices something is wrong. He realizes that it's the long dead Cylon. Billy has a gun. He gets shot by the gunman as the Marines close in and take out Sesha and her brother-in-law. Adama checks on Lee, while Dee cries over Billy's body.

Adama stands over the body of Galactica /Tyrol's Sharon in the morgue. Roslin walks in and wants know if that is what he offered. Adama says that it was a risk. Roslin then walks over to Billy's body. She starts to cry, fixes his hair and mourns that Billy was so young.

In sickbay, Lee comes around and finds Dee by his bedside. He goes back to sleep and Dee doesn't want him to leave. Starbuck listens nearby and then leaves as Dee vows to stay by Lee's bed.

Sharon lies in her bed in her cell.

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