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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Episode Number: 412
Written by: Ron Moore
Directed by: Ron Moore
Original Air Date: 1/23/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Roslin stretches as Adama says that Lee believes if they can sway public opinion to at least a neutral position, then they can handle the Quorum and Zarek. Adama asks her when her next treatment is and she answers, "Tomorrow." Adama then says that Lee thinks that she should address the fleet declaring that the alliance with the Cylons is critical. Roslin looks unhappy at the idea and quietly tells Adama that she needs more time. Adama says that is what he told Lee. He says that he knows she's tired, but that they need her. She tells him that she understands and then asks him to leave. He tells her not to overdo it and then leaves.

In the corridor, Adama picks up some trash.

In the Pilot's break room, Kara isn't having a good day and Gaeta sits down with her. She basically tells him to buzz off because she's not in the mood, but he's not interesting in her mood. He points out that she tried to throw him out an airlock and that two Cylons and the wife of a Cylon were the ones putting him on trial for collaborating with an enemy in a time of war. Kara's sarcastic about the situation and then realizes that they haven't talked about the leg. She says that fifty billion died and she's supposed to care about his leg. Gaeta wonders who killed them. Starbuck says that she didn't do it. He says that her husband did. He then wonders what Anders was doing on Caprica before she "conveniently" found him. Kara wonders if he's making a threat and he says he is and that there will be a reckoning. Kara says she won't go quietly if he or anyone else comes after her. She leaves. Gaeta then wants the door closed and says, "Let's talk."

On Colonial One, Zarek wants to make a motion. He then says that the tease of Earth was how the "leadership" stayed in power. Zarek continues now that Earth has turned out to be nothing and was nothing more than a fantasy that allowed them to keep their positions. Roslin and Adama are now trying to hold on to power by making an alliance with the very Cylons that drove them into space. He says that the former enemies become friends only because they will help keep Roslin-Adama in power.

Lee points out that Zarek's supposed to be making a motion, not giving a speech.

Zarek motions that the Captains and occupants of the ships of the fleet decide if Cylons set foot on their ships, rather than Adama and Roslin deciding. Lee tries to counter him with a line about unity, but the rest of the Quorum supports Zarek's motion with only Lee opposing. The Quorum then adjourns.


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