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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Episode Number: 412
Written by: Ron Moore
Directed by: Ron Moore
Original Air Date: 1/23/09 on SciFi Channel

Adama wakes up.

Adama brushes his teeth and starts his shower.

Adama pulls out his uniform from the closet.

Adama sits at his desk and signs some papers. He gets up and walks over to his bookshelf. He pulls out a book and starts quoting from it.

Adama walks out into the corridor and picks up trash off the floor.

Tigh and Caprica Six are in sickbay where Cottle and Ishay give Caprica an ultrasound. Caprica points out that's they're child. Tigh wants a drink. Cottle offers him a cigarette. Caprica Six talks about the baby being the future of the Cylon race since no Cylon-Cylon baby has ever been born. Ishay pays special attention. Cottle sends her for a fetal monitor.

Ishay walks to another part of the sickbay where Gaeta is waiting. They talk. Gaeta makes several negative comments about the Cylons.

Tyrol walks in and says that Nicky is spitting up blood. Cottle calls for Ishay and wants the fetal monitor. Gaeta is able to get one more jab in about the Cylons.

On Colonial One, Adama is speaking to the press as Lee and Zarek stand by. He's asked about Tigh staying the chain of command and the possibility of an alliance with the "rebel Cylons." Adama says that it's being considered. Zarek is asked if he supports "such a move." After a long pause, Zarek answers "no comment." They are then asked about President Roslin. Lee quickly gets to the podium before Zarek. He says that Roslin is resting onboard Galactica . He prompts for the last question, which concerns the identity of the fifth Cylon. He says that it is believed that the fifth is dead. He is pressed and let it slip that the fifth is a "she." Lee ends the press conference and he, Adama and Zarek go into the office where the number of survivors can be seen to be 39,644. Zarek wants to know what is going on. Adama tells him to forget about it. Zarek says that an alliance with any Cylons is out of the question. Lee says that it's not Zarek's "call." Zarek then wonders if it's Lee's and if he's President again. Adama says that Roslin is still the President and will "make the final call." Zarek then points out that Roslin's been out of sight on Galactica since her prophecies about Earth were wrong. After a moment, Adama says, "We're done here." Lee leaves, but as Adama starts to follow, Zarek drops his threat about there being consequences to any alliance with the Cylons. Adama walks back to Zarek and says that now he knows who to hold responsible if there's an "incident." As he leaves, Zarek says that he's not hard to find on Colonial One "running the government. Adama turns back long enough to add, "for now."



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