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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Episode Number: 412
Written by: Ron Moore
Directed by: Ron Moore
Original Air Date: 1/23/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Someone runs through the corridor.

In his quarters, Adama dozes at his desk.

Roslin runs.

Adama is awakened by a call on the wireless.

Roslin runs.

Adama is surprised by what he's told. He hangs up.

Roslin runs.

Adama takes some pills and then brushes his teeth.

Roslin runs.

Adama stops brushing his teeth and is upset.

Roslin runs.

Adama is still upset, but resolves himself and starts brushing his teeth again.

Roslin runs and keeps running until she encounters Adama standing in her way in the middle of the corridor. He says that she looks good, but that she's not supposed to look good and is supposed to be in sickbay getting her treatment. She says that she changed her mind. He says she's lying and she admits it. Cottle says that she's feeling better because her body is recovering from her being off her treatments. Roslin comments about doctor-patient confidentiality. Adama says that the President's health is a security matter. Roslin says that she'll give her resignation within an hour. He won't accept it and let Zarek take over. He says that Zarek has the Quorum and that they need her as he takes hold of her. She tells him to take his hand off of her. Roslin says that she's played the role of dying leader and "blah, blah, blah." She says that she doesn't want to do it anymore because there might not be a tomorrow. She reminds him of their conversation on New Caprica and wants to be able to live a little before she dies. Adama agrees. She then adds that he deserves to live a little too. She kisses him and then goes back to running.

As he drinks and smokes, Baltar talks about the "punishment" of wandering in the wilderness. He's being recorded and relayed all over the fleet.

Tyrol can be seen listening.

Baltar rants about them not being the ones in need of forgiveness, but rather 'god' should ask them for forgiveness for abandoning them to "despair and lonliness." He then stirs the crowd up.

Tyrol spots Hot Dog across the room. He walks right past Baltar. Hot Dog walks toward him. Hot Dog says he didn't know, that Cottle told him and that they should talk. Tyrol nods and then punches him. Tyrol beats on Hot Dog as the crowd yells and Baltar sits, smoking. In the midst of the chaos, Inner Six appears beside Baltar - See Analysis for more.]

Tigh, Helo and Adama walk into CIC. Tigh reports that ten ships have refused the flag ship's order and another twelve won't even respond. Gaeta points out that the Quorum passed a motion that the ships get the right to decide. Adama says that jumpdrive upgrades are a military decision outside the jurisdiction of the Quorum. Gaeta says that Adama gets to decide that? Tigh looks at Gaeta. Adama replies that he does.

Hoshi interrupts with a report that the tylium ship has mutinied, killing a Cylon and two Marines.

Adama orders a response. Tigh relays the order.

Helo reports that the tylium ship is spinning up FTL drives.

Adama wants to speak to whoever is in command. Hoshi tries to raise the tylium ship.

With two Vipers flying escort, Athena flies a Raptor full of Marines toward the tylium ship.

Hoshi can't raise the tylium ship and reports that they are communicating with Colonial One. Adama orders Hoshi the communication fed to CIC. Zarek can be heard telling them that it's up to them who does and does not board their ship. He further advises the ship to take "whatever measures necessary" to ensure that.

Athena struggles to position the Raptor over an airlock. Just as she is in position, the tylium ship jumps.

Hoshi points out that the ship jumped away and Tigh says that they've taken all the fuel with them. Adama then says, "There are days that I really hate this job."


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