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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: A Disquiet Follows My Soul
Episode Number: 412
Written by: Ron Moore
Directed by: Ron Moore
Original Air Date: 1/23/09 on SciFi Channel

  • Caprica Six points out that her and Tigh's baby represents the first successful Cylon-Cylon coupling and would mean the Cylon race could survive on its own.
  • Tyrol appears to have taken a leadership role with the Cylons, speaking for them much like he led the union back on New Caprica.
  • The Cylons have offered their technology as well as help to upgrade fleet FTL drives to their technology. In exchange, they want to be a true part of the fleet, free to move about the fleet and even representation in the Quorum.
  • Cylon technology upgrades could as much as triple the engine capacity of the fleet, which is why the alliance with the Cylons is so critical and hard to pass up.
  • The idea of the Cylons getting a representative would make them a thirteenth colony, which would add another parallel to the last "cycle."
  • Though he's speaking for the Cylons, Tyrol seems to be having trouble deciding if he's with the Cylons or with the fleet.
  • Unlike Tyrol, Tigh is clearly still with the fleet. He insinuates that Tyrol has broken his "Oath" and also is the first to object to the Cylons' stipulation.
  • "The Oath" is the title of the next episode.
  • Lee tells the press that they believe that the fifth Cylon is dead and then lets it slip that the fifth is a 'she'. This implies that Tigh reported his vision of Earth and Ellen rather than keeping it to himself.
  • After Adama suggests the possibility of an alliance with the Cylons, Zarek sows the first seeds of rebellion by leading the Quorum to pass a motion that each ship's Captain and passengers choose whether to accept Cylon technology or Cylons on their ships.
  • Zarek later encourages the tylium ship in its mutinous actions.
  • Adama bluffs Zarek by implying that he has records of all of Zarek's double dealings and will expose Zarek for what he truly is to the fleet. Zarek, not wanting to risk the exposure of his self-serving duplicity, falls for the bluff and hands over the coordinates to the tylium ship.
  • Starting with his conversation with Dee shortly before her suicide in the previous episode, Gaeta became increasingly belligerent toward the Cylons so his partnering with Zarek is not surprising.
  • Roslin continues to forego her treatments and after initially trying to convince her to get back on her treatments, Roslin says that she's played her part and wants to live a little. Adama backs off and they actually end up escalating their romantic relationship.
  • Nicky has acute renal failure.
  • Nicky is not Tyrol's son. Hot Dog is Nicky's father. Nicky was involved with both Tyrol and Hot Dog around the same time and wasn't sure who the father was. She first wanted to abort and then kept Nicky. She later found out that Hot Dog was the father, but allowed Tyrol to continue to believe that he was Nicky's father.
  • With the revelation that Hot Dog is Nicky's father, this leaves Hera as the only human-Cylon child.
  • Tyrol does appear set to continue to remain in Nicky's life at least for now and to help Hot Dog learn to be a father.
  • There are two deliberate scenes in which Adama picks up trash in the corridors of Galactica. This would indicate the beginning of a storyline involving the condition of Galactica herself.
  • By her appearance and ragged mental, Starbuck is still struggling to come to grips with finding her own body on Earth.
  • Baltar's "sermon" has a completely different tone than in the first half of the season. He still speaks of forgiveness, but that forgiveness is no longer for his followers, but from his followers.
  • According to Bear McCreary's blog, he scored a scene in which Inner Six sat next to Baltar and they talked during the chaos of Hot Dog and Tyrol's fight. It would have marked her first appearance since Baltar had fully accepted his new role.
  • Gaeta's baiting Kara also likely served to drive off not only Kara, but others that disagreed with his views. Once they were gone, he was able to speak to only those favorable to his proposal. These were the "others" that he mentioned to Zarek.
  • While Gaeta was speaking to Zarek, the guard was not watching them in the cell, but rather for those who might approach.

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