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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Deadlock
Episode Number: 416
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Bob Young
Original Air Date: 2/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Ellen has told Adama, Roslin, Tigh and Lee that Cavil is hell bent on getting the Final Five to rebuild the Resurrection ship. She says that Cavil is "unbalanced" by the idea of procreation and "messy biological stuff" is the only hope for Cylon survival. She catches herself and says that she's still Ellen. Adama then wants to know if Boomer helped her and she says that she did and hopes that they go easy on her which Roslin says she doesn't need to worry about. She asks for a drink or a flask. Adama produces a flash which receives a bit of a look from Roslin. Ellen takes a drink. She then points out that there were only five survivors from their entire civilization. Tigh tells her that it's okay. She wants to know what he remembers. He says that he doesn't remember much. She wants to see the others of the Five. Lee tells her that Anders is hurt and unresponsive. She wants to see him too. Adama says that they'll see what they can do and Roslin and Lee leave. Tigh says that he can't believe that she's there as Adama stops at the door before walking out. She starts kissing Tigh and he tries to stop her for a moment by saying that he has a lot to tell her. She wants him to say it fast as she pushes him on the table and then they go at it on the table.

Alone in Tigh's quarters, Caprica is eating, when she drops the dish and doubles over in pain. She leans against the desk as she feels her stomach.

Baltar watches his women as they bring in supplies. Jeanne and Paulla survey how little they have left. Baltar steps out and all of them but Paulla are happy to see him. Paulla, on the other hand, says that they wondered if he would ever come back. Baltar catches the "if." Paulla says that they felt abandoned and that when they received supplies, they were taken away by men with guns. As Baltar starts to studder, Jeanne adds that they thought they were abandoned by god. Paulla explains that they finally got some weapons and were able to keep their supplies. Jeanne shows off the healthy supplies that they have accumulated. He says that he figured the trial would make them stronger. Paulla says that was "wise" and turns away. Inner Six shows up and says, "The sheep have a new shepherd." Baltar agrees.

Ellen and Tigh get dressed. She wants to know who he slept with and he finally stutters that he's been with Caprica Six. Ellen points out that they created Caprica. Tigh tries to say that he thought of her and that disgusts Ellen. She wants to know if he's still seeing her and he says that he is.

Adama watches as the organic compound is applied.

Cottle checks on Anders and finds all the Cylons have gathered. He makes a crack about, "no one unplugging anything." He leaves as Ellen walks in. She greets everyone. Tory, the Six and the Eight suggest that the Final Five come to the baseship and that they all jump away to start a new life. The Eight points out that they are not safe in the fleet and that a Cylon had been assaulted that day. Tory says, "This is about the survival of the thirteenth tribe in its purest form" Tigh guesses that Tory put the idea in the Cylons' heads. Ellen says that it won't work because Hera is the hope as a blended child. Tory says that had been the case, but now Caprica Six is pregnant with a pure Cylon baby. Tyrol points out that Anders would die on the baseship. The Eight says that they could take better care of him. Ellen looks at Tigh and asks, "Caprica Six is pregnant?" Tigh gets a one-eyed guilty look on his face as he looks away from Ellen.


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