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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Deadlock
Episode Number: 416
Written by: Jane Espenson
Directed by: Bob Young
Original Air Date: 2/20/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Cottle says that the baby is in trouble, but is "fighting back." Ellen tries to apologize. She says that she was just trying to get back on Tigh and didn't realize what it would do to Caprica. She says that she always knew that the humans and Cylons need to stay together. Caprica tells them both to stop. Ellen moves to leave and Tigh says that's best. Tigh then gets upset and Ellen comes back and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Ellen and Tigh sit next to Caprica. Ellen tells him to tell Caprica how he feels. He starts to and then says that she knows how he feels.

Adama looks at the wounded ship.

Caprica is in bed. She wants Cottle to cut the baby out. Cottle refuses. Ellen tries to tell Caprica that Tigh loves her more than he ever loved Ellen because she's the mother of his child. She tries, but the baby flatlines. Tigh again tries to apologize. Cottle tells him that he needs to tend to Caprica. Ellen gently pulls Tigh away.

Baltar is in Adama's quarters along with Roslin and Lee. Adama wants to go to the head, but Lee tells him to listen. Baltar says that they have starving civilians even as Cylon blood is poured into the ship. He says he has the last human offer for Adama.

Baltar, Paulla and Jeanne unpack the shipment of guns.

Tyrol stands outside of Boomer's cell in the brig.

In sickbay, Anders' EEG registers some activity.

Adama sits in his room and then Tigh enters. Adama gives him a hug as Tigh basically cries on his shoulder.. Tigh says that his name would have been Liam. Adama says that it's a good name and is short for William. Tigh says that it's not like that and Adama says that he knows.

Adama and Roslin walk through the ship. They pass an Eight and Six moving buckets of the organic compound into an access panel.

Adama and Roslin walk through the memorial corridor. They notice a Six looking at the wall. They watch and wait until the Six moves off. They then walk up to where she was and find pictures of Cylons on the wall. Roslin points out that those are Cylons that have died since the alliance. Adama says, "It's already happened, hasn't it."


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